Thursday, April 29, 2010

Desert Nomad

Hello again! :D It's been a while since I updated any new content, so I thought I'd post a look I did recently for fun. This was actually a few weeks ago but I've been lazy, lol. x3
I got a new shipment of mark. goodies that I really wanted to play with, so that's partially what this one was about. Here we go!

I wanted to do something Summery with aqua shadows. I started with NYX Milk Pencil (you know the one), followed by new mark. Shimmer Cream shadow in Cabana, a brilliant cobalt blue. I patted the cream onto my lid beginning at the outer corner and in to almost above my iris, applying quite heavily and hardly blending. I wanted the blue to be very pigmented. :)
Next I used about 3 or 4 different aqua shades from my CS 88 Matte Palette. (I don't remember which ones exactly, but most were near the top. I did use one bright cerulean blue from around the middle, too.) I carefully blended the shades around my lids, trying to preserve the variations of color. For a very light aqua shimmer on my lids, at inner corner, and also around my eye almost out to my cheekbone, I used my mark. i-mark in Heavenly as a highlighter. It created a very ethereal feel to my face. :3 On my browbone I used trusty Everyday Minerals shadow in Sparkle Beige to highlight.

I thought I'd add some gold to spice things up, so on my lower lashline I tried out my new mark. Get In Line gel liner shadow duo in Iconic. The shimmery gold gel was so soft and the color showed up really well! For a slight Cleopatra effect, I dragged the gold liner all the way up almost to the tail end of my eyebrow. I added a touch of shimmery gold to my lid using i-mark in Nomadic, lightly blending it with the aqua just above my crease and connecting it with the gold liner at the outer edge of my eye.
Keeping with my semi-Ancient Egyptian theme, I lined my upper and lower lashlines with the black gel liner from Get In Line in Entourage. It was SO SMOOTH and easy to apply, and stayed wet just long enough to get the shape I wanted. Then it dried to a completely matte and smudge-proof finish. (And when I say smudge-proof, I mean smudge-PROOF...)
I added false lashes to my upper lids and applied mascara to my lower lashes.
For a sunburned "I've been wandering the desert" effect, I used the original mark. Pro Glow bronzer, and a touch of Just Pinched gel blush in Cheeky. This was one of my new purchases, though it's not a new shade, but I'd been wanting it for a long time. I love it! It's an adorable baby pink color, very sheer but buildable and easy to apply. It gave me the sun-flushed look I wanted, though it's hard to see in the pictures. (I also used some on my lips.)
I teased my hair to make it look kind of wind-blown, lol. It was a fun look, turned out beautifully, and I enjoyed playing with my new products. I might do a review soon so keep watching! ;)
Just for fun, here's a pic I edited in Photoshop:

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. Your hair is really pwetty.
    Loving linkwithin, btw :D And with all the posts I was refered to, I came to one conclusion; you can wear blue and aquas exceptionally well!

  2. Thank you! Yes, that was before I cut it, I kinda miss it. :(
    Linkwithin is fun, I liked it on your blog so I said "I need that!" x3
    Aw thanks, I love blues and aquas <3


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