Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Burgundy, Purple and Pink: Mineral Shadow

I decided to try out the mark. Eyemarker in Wine I got in my last order, but I just kept adding on and ended up with this sort of Burgundy/Purple/Pink look.

First I used some Urban Decay Primer Potion from my lashline to browbone. Then a bit of Sephora white eyeliner on the inner corner. The main event- mark. Eyemarker in Wine from lashline almost to the crease; this liner is softer and creamier than my others (maybe because it's new?) and went on easily. On the lid it looks burgundy (purpleish-red) and sort of metallic and a little shimmery. I used one of my little mark. eyeliner brushes to smudge it a bit and blend it up my lid, which wasn't as easy once it set after about a minute... these liners are super-stayproof! For extra color and shimmer, over the Eyemarker I brushed on Everyday Minerals blush in New Shoes (sparkly burgundy, more red-toned than the liner) and blended to crease.

Using a different liner brush, I brushed EM eyecolor in Net Surfing (medium sparkly purple) along 3/4 of my lower lashline. In my crease I used a light shimmery purple shade from my Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette, not using much and blending well. Next I used a travel-sized mark. eyeshadow brush to apply EM eyecolor in Spin Cycle (light shimmery dusty pink) from crease to browbone and lightly all around the eye. After a little while, this color turned a little orangey on my skin, so I went back over the area between my crease and browbone with mark. i-mark in Cake, a very light shimmery pink. On my browbone and inner corner I used EM facecolor in Sparkle Beige, it makes a fabulous highlighter! Most of the brushes I use are travel-sized ones from mark.- they work just as well as full-sized brushes, and I like them because they're small so they're less clumsy than larger brushes. :3
I applied black liquid liner along my upper lashline and about 8 or 10 individual false lashes along the outer third of my top lashline. (I say "individual" but they're actually about 6-8 hairs in a little clump.) Lastly I used 2 coats of mark. Make It Big mascara in Raven (black) on my top and bottom lashes.

I didn't use my normal foundation so my skin is a bit weird, but I was mostly concentrating on the eyes anyway. x3 I contoured with EM Natural Reflections Medium Bronzer, (which I LOVE), and added some mark. Bronze Pro in the hollows of my cheeks for more drama. I used mark. blush in Cameo Glo, a matte muted rosey shade (shown here in the London FFI, top right corner) on the apples of my cheeks, and rubbed some light pink shimmer cream from the mark. It Kit on my cheekbones with my fingers as a highlighter. With my finger I patted a little Revlon Colorstay foundation onto my lips and topped it with mark. Pro Gloss in Sexy, but decided I needed more color so I used mark. Pro Gloss in Smashing.

This look was mostly experimentation; it was my first time really using individual lashes and loose pigments. I discovered that with these mineral shadows I really had to load the brush to get the colors as bright as I wanted, but once I figured that out I did fine. With more practice I hope the results will be better next time, hehe. It was fun though, and I love how the shadows turned out- so pearly and pretty! :3
Thanks for reading, I know this was long... my plan is to make some tutorial-type videos soon. ;)


  1. How adorable.
    Individual lashes are always fun :)

  2. Thank you! Yes they are. :) I enjoyed playing with mine, even though I messed them up a bit, haha. xD


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