Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 a.m. makeup- Neon Green n Yellow!

The other night I was playing around with my Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette.
I'd been wanting to do a look with neon yellow and green eyeshadow but I didn't have the right colors for that, so I just made-do with the palette and this is how it turned out. :)

First I spread a very thin layer of NYX eye pencil in Milk all over my lids.
I used shades from the left side of the matte palette, plus mark. i-marks in Biscotti and Dragonfly for a bit of shimmer. I also used white eyeliner on my lower waterline and inner corners to make my eyes look bigger and give a cool effect.
I then used my Almay black liquid liner only on my upper lashline, and applied Ardell false lashes for a dramatic look.

It was my first time ever using falsies... I had a really hard time getting them on, haha. x3
The rest of my makeup is mostly mark. which I applied early that day. (These photos were taken at 2 am.) Here's a flash photo so you can see the shimmery parts-

I skipped mascara and liner on my lower half because I liked how it looked without.
This look was really fun to do and I hope to create many more like this one. The 88 palette is truly awesome, if you haven't picked one up yet I definitely recommend it! :D

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