Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sugar Skull Minerals review and swatches

 *Samples were sent for my consideration; all opinions are my own. Links are for convenience purposes only, I am not being paid for this post.

 Today I have the pleasure of bringing you a review and swatches from indie company
Sugar Skull Minerals;
as I understand, this company, owned by the lovely and sweet Vicki, has been around for a few years but was on hiatus until recently. Vicki has since picked up where she left off and is continuing to crank out gorgeous makeup! This is my first experience with Sugar Skull Minerals and I must say I'm quite pleased so far! If you'd like to see what I'm talking about, keep scrolling :)

First up, we have the brand new Pool Party collection; this collection is LIMITED EDITION and won't be released until July 4, but you can preorder right now through June 23 and get the whole collection for 30% off!
Row 1: Beach Ball, Cannon Ball, Sunkissed blush. Row 2: Pina Colada, Deep End, Bikini. Row 3: Margarita, Marco Polo. Swatched over Darling Girl Glitter Glue.
Sunkissed blush on bare, lotioned skin.
Sunburned blush on bare, lotioned skin.

Site descriptions:


-Piña Colada - (vegan) A golden white with copper reflects. Great for the inner eye or highlighting.

-Beach Ball - (vegan) Darkened lemon yellow with golden glitter.

-Margarita - (vegan) Bright light green with indigo reflects and green glitter.

-Deep End - (vegan) Teal with tons of gold reflects. Much less boring than its description!

-Cannon Ball - (vegan) A bright, electrifying blue with blue glitter. This product has a great sheen to it.

-Marco Polo - Deep lavender with blue and purple reflects as well as gold and chartreuse glitter. Stunning when applied wet.

-Bikini - Bold pink with a minuscule coral tone and red reflects as well as red glitter.


-Sunburnt - (vegan) Mauve/lilac hybrid that blends out to an almost matte magenta. It really looks like a healthy summer burn! :)

-Sunkissed - (vegan) Shimmery peach. Perfect for those hot summer nights.

 Next up are a few of the core colors:
Row 1: Go Fish, No9. Row 2: Calypso, Granny Smith, Gloria. Row 3: Aloha blush. Swatched on bare, lotioned skin.
Go Fish, No9. on bare, lotioned skin.
I also swatched the colors over Darling Girl Glitter Glue to see how they would behave. Here you can see Granny Smith in the middle has a pale sheen to it. If I tilt my wrist...
You can see the green base. Such an interesting color!
Aloha blush on bare, lotioned skin.
Site descriptions:

-Go Fish! - Vivid orange with orange glitter. Not for the timid!!
-No9 - A cool matte pink base with a minimal violet shimmer and aqua reflects.
-Calypso - Shimmery bronze with a slight red undertone.
-Granny Smith - Green apple with a pink shift. Like an over-ripe Granny Smith apple! 
-Gloria - A pinkish/peach shade that can be blended out to a beautiful orange/gold.
-Aloha - Mauve/coral blend with minimal gold reflects.

I really liked everything but my standout favorite would have to be Gloria; I admit I saw this color on the site and was hoping it would be among the samples sent ;) It is a gorgeous gorgeous cross between cotton candy pink and rose gold, and has a glorious (get it?) glowing almost metallic finish. I can't wait to use this color!
Other favorites are Pina Colada, I'm a sucker for a creamy white gold and this one has tons of sparkle! Cannon Ball, can you say BRIGHT BLUE?? Gorgeous slight satin finish with blue sparkles. Bikini and Marco Polo are both really pretty too, with TONS of sparkles, and both performed best over glitter glue to help the sparkles stick. I also loved Calypso and Granny Smith, I'm a sucker for earthy greens.

Overall I highly recommend Sugar Skull Minerals; the products are awesome and the owner is terribly sweet. She even offers to make custom colors by request, how cool is that? I'm hoping to purchase more soon!
Please check out her Etsy shop and Facebook page!

Thanks for reading!♥

 *Samples were sent for my consideration; all opinions are my own. Links are for convenience purposes only, I am not being paid for this post.


  1. The colors are just so amazing! And I love the blush colors, so true to the name of them. Can't wait to get mine!

    1. I agree! I have 'order envy' haha, can't wait to see what you get! ;)

  2. Vicki is an amazing artist. You should really see the sophisticated operation she runs in production. She inspects every item before it’s shipped and ensures everyone is wearing proper protective equipment so there is no possibility of getting any contaminants in the make up during production. Every single piece of equipment is also sanitized after every batch. Not to mention the fact that the makeup is absolutely gorgeous.

    1. I'm not surprised to hear that, you can see the care and quality reflected in her products and service. :)


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