Tuesday, May 20, 2014

'Night Sky' sparkly glitter mani

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 Last week I did this crazy manicure... it's a subtle gradient of deep blue and teal shimmer, and I used some new glitters I bought from the craft store. Scroll down for more pics and products:

The stars changed from aqua to royal blue to bright green at different angles.

The chunky silver holo glitters were super sparkly and glowy depending on the angle; you can see it a little in this shot.
-base coat/top coat
-Wet n Wild 'Blue Moon' as base color
-Fresh Paint 'Dragon Lady' applied to tips with sponge
-Pure Ice 'Don't You Wish'
-China Glaze 'Fairy Dust'
-blue holo glitter from an indie company
-chunky silver holo glitter from craft store
-iridescent star glitters from craft store (both colors looked the same over the nail polish)

I had also used Don't Teal Me You Love Me, a limited eyeshadow from Darling Girl Cosmetics. It's a deep navy/teal/purple shadow with sparkles, which I patted over the 'Blue Moon' base for some extra shine. I actually liked my nails just like that but since I'm all about crazy nails these days, I couldn't stop there... so I added the sparkly teal gradient to the tips and again, could have left it like that, it looked really pretty. After I added all the stars and sparkles it still wasn't quite overkill, until I put Fairy Dust over everything, and that kinda killed it for me, sadly. It was just a little too sparkly and kinda hid the gradient underneath. Anyway, it was fun to play :)
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