Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some more Darling Girl swatches

 *I purchased this*
 I made a little Darling Girl Cosmetics order as soon as the shop opened a few weeks ago after a hiatus; Glitter Glue had been sold out when I ordered previously so I had to order again because I needed a new tube. :)
I only ordered the blogger pack and Glitter Glue so I picked 5 colors and got the free GWP as well. Check it out:
Top row, left to right: It's a Magical Place (GWP), Leaping Lizards, Sirena. Bottom Row, left to right: Snuggle, Adoration (new formula), Bodice Ripper.
You can see how the colors change depending on light and angle; these first two pics were taken in natural light.
 In direct sunlight:

With flash:
I think I swatched everything over Glitter Glue except Bodice Ripper since it's matte. Adoration is a pearl finish so it could be used over GG or not, depending on what you want. I usually use it just over primer or base as a blending/highlight shade. Love it, use it every time I do makeup.

 Site descriptions:
Leaping Lizards - At a glance a medium grey with golden green sheen that shifts to a grey with red/violet sheen and because everything is better with sparkle a sprinkling of color shifting ultra-fine shimmer.

Sirena -  Dusty lilac with green shift and blue sheen/sparkle.

Snuggle - Golden beige taupe with a satin finish.

Adoration - Lightest tan satin pearl.

Bodice Ripper - Soft dirtied plum, more on the plummy side than brown.

I also got a free sample of this new Spring blush called Mermaid's Dream, a "bright coral red"; here I have it heavily applied on the left, and blended out on the right. It's so fresh and pretty! This pic was taken with flash.
Everything is so pretty! I can't wait to use Snuggle, I have a weakness for pretty golden/peachy colors and this one is perfect. I've already used Bodice Ripper in a look and I ADORE it. It's perfect for using in my crease and outer corner. I feel like plummy shades bring out the gold in my eyes :)
I'll be posting my look using some Darling Girl shades including Bodice Ripper so watch out for that, coming soon!

Thanks for reading!♥

 *All products purchased by me, all opinions are my own. Links are for convenience purposes only, I am not being paid for this post.


  1. I NEED Adoration. It looks like a perfect lid shade for a smoky cat eye look.


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