Monday, March 24, 2014

SALE! My sister's original artwork

*prices shown are NOT sale prices*
 Hey guys! Some of you know my sister Becky Penn Art is an artist; she has a Zazzle shop full of fun items featuring her original artwork, and right now everything is on SALE! There are mugs, notebooks, t-shirts, pillows, stickers, keychains, magnets, hats, totes, laptop accessories, watches, necklaces, playing cards, and even cute pouches for your makeup!

*prices shown are NOT sale prices*
 Her art is super pretty and ethereal; she does a lot of watercolor and marker/pen sketching, and loves to paint nature scenes as well as beautiful female figures in her own personally developed anime/manga-esque fantasy style.
*prices shown are NOT sale prices*
The items vary from super affordable to more expensive so there's surely something to fit your price range, and again, everything is on SALE until tomorrow!

 This is me wearing her Celestial Star Girl Design Shirt! (This one is a size XL, fyi)

The prices you see in the screenshots are NOT the sale prices; to view sale prices, simply enter the code SPRINGSFLING at checkout and you will then be able to view all the sale prices. My sister gets a commission for each item sold and would love your support. You can view her entire shop here!

Again, the sale ends tomorrow so please check it out! Thank you!

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