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Wildly Natural: Swatches and Review

 *Products sent for consideration, all opinions are my own. Links are for convenience purposes only, I am not being paid for this post.
Recently I was contacted by Meagan of Wildly Natural, a KS based indie company. Meagan herself is a licensed esthetician and all her cosmetics are handmade with natural minerals to be gentle on sensitive skin. You can learn about Meagan and how she started her company in the About section of her site here.
Meagan offered me the opportunity to try some of her eyeshadows which I'd like to share with you today, so keep reading for more pics and my thoughts! :)
The samples came in these fat clamshells and have professional labels on front and back, as well as the company logo and product name/ingredients.
Sample sizes on the site cost $1.00 which is nice; I love being able to try a product before committing to purchasing a full size. I assume the ones she sent me were standard sample sizes; I don't know the technical amount of product in the samples but there's more than enough for several applications.

Eyeshadows were swatched with my fingers on bare, lotioned skin. Photos were taken in direct sunlight:
Top row: Vegas Strip, Tiki, Sky Fire. Bottom row: Aloha, Toxic, Chameleon.

Site descriptions:
Vegas Strip is a light gold eyeshadow with soft gold-orange shimmer. It makes an excellent highlighter. Texture: shimmer & shine. I looooove this color, it's probably my favorite of the group. Description is accurate; I love that it's not super shimmery, just creamy with a delicate satin sheen. The orange-gold shimmer is visible, giving this shadow a uniqueness over the many light gold colors in my collection. Can't wait to use this as a highlighter! (Due to the creaminess of this shade, it performed better over bare skin.)

Tiki is a bronzey pink eyeshadow. Texture: shine. My second favorite of the bunch, this is definitely a bronzey pink. I've been very into pink neutrals lately and I love using colors like this as a lid shade. It's very pigmented with a nice shiny finish. Out of curiosity I compared it to BFTE's Dusty Rose, one of my go-to staple shades; they are similar but Dusty Rose is more peach-toned and Tiki is more pink-toned. (Performed the same over Glitter Glue and bare skin; preferred over bare skin.)

Sky Fire is a brilliant copper shadow. Texture: shine. For some reason I'm really drawn to coppery eyeshadows even though I don't think I've ever actually worn one, lol. I love metallics in general but something about this called my name. It's a gorgeous copper, a little more pink-toned versus other straight-up orange coppers in my collection. Very pigmented and shiny, plus I adore the name! (Performed the same over Glitter Glue and bare skin; preferred over bare skin.)

Aloha, gorgeous! This dreamy eyeshadow is coral pink with gold shimmer. Texture: shimmer. Brilliant red-pink base with gorgeous gold shimmer. To me, the base seemed almost matte and slightly difficult to work with, but you can see that it's a pigmented eyeshadow and the gold sparkles against the pink is super gorgeous. The shimmer did a pretty good job of staying dispersed through the swatch instead of gathering all around the edges; it would probably work even better patted on the eyelid with a brush. (Due to the matte-ish base, this color worked better over bare skin.)

Toxic is a mossy green eyeshadow. Texture: shimmer. I'm not sure what shade to call this one; the base seems like a yellowish limey green, but there appears to be some blue in the shimmer which gives the shadow a cooler more minty glow. It's a little more sheer than the others but still pigmented enough, especially over Glitter Glue. (Works well over Glitter Glue or bare skin; Glitter Glue preferred.)

Chameleon - This shadow is named after the Chameleon because of it's color shifting nature. The brick red shade transforms to a brownish tone & is suddenly accented with blue and green glow. Try foiling this one, you will fall in love! Texture: shimmer. I rarely wear colors like this either but I just had to see it in person. The shadow to compare it to would be the MAC Blue Brown pigment which I don't have, or the Wet 'N Wild dupe that's in many of their palettes, which I do have. I tried to swatch it next to this shade for comparison but I couldn't even get the Wet 'N Wild one to show up on my skin... no idea why since it's a very creamy and pigmented shadow. It just didn't want to transfer onto my skin. Anyway, this color is of a similar sort and very gorgeous and pigmented; over Glitter Glue the shift comes out even more, though it is still visible without a base. Below I have swatches both with and without Glitter Glue. Very pretty!

Chameleon on bare, lotioned skin.
 (Please ignore the orange blotch; I was swatching a new lip tint :P )
Chameleon over Darling Girl Glitter Glue.

These pics were taken with flash:
With flash.
With flash.
All in all I'm very pleased with these eyeshadows! The only negative thing was that there are no swatches on the site, and since it's a relatively new company there are hardly any swatches available anywhere yet. Choosing colors might be a little difficult because of this but the product pictures for each color seem pretty accurate, as do the descriptions. Hopefully Meagan will get swatches for each product up soon which I'm sure will be a big help to customers.

There are a whole lot more on the site and it was hard to choose just 4 to try. If I had to pick favorites I'd say the top row, plus Chameleon; I think I'll wear Vegas Strip and Tiki a lot and I really want to try playing with Sky Fire. Chameleon is so pretty with the blue shift!
I really want to try Bombshell, Couture, Electric, High Tide, Mermaid, Penny, QueenB, Smokin', Untamed, and Vintage. 

Full size eyeshadows are $7.00, samples are $1.00. In addition to eyeshadows, Wildly natural also offers blushes, foundations and veils, lip balm, and various brushes.
I recommend Wildly Natural if you're looking for an indie company to try with plenty of color choices, and if you're on a budget the $1 samples are a great deal.
Thanks for reading!♥

 *Products sent for consideration, all opinions are my own. Links are for convenience purposes only, I am not being paid for this post.

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