Thursday, November 1, 2012

BFTE Halloween collection swatches

 As a New Jersey-an myself I have to say I hope everyone on the East Coast is recovering after Sandy... my family and I were fortunate to make it through the storm without power for only the first night, and minor damage to our homes. I know there are many with extensive damage to deal with, and that's after power is restored to one and all. My thoughts are with everyone now suffering from loss of property and loved ones.

Halloween Collection 2012 from BFTE Cosmetics:
 Thanks to Crystal the amazing owner of BFTE Cosmetics, last week I was able to acquire a Halloween collection before they were sold out. The colors come in a cute little take-out container and secured with a shiny black ribbon. I like the vampire artwork :)
There's a list of ingredients too.
It came with this hilarious set of plastic glow-in-the-dark fangs with liquid candy "blood", lol.

Swatched dry on bare, lotioned skin:
My thoughts:
I'm so impressed by this collection; not only are the shadows themselves gorgeous, but the entire concept is very well thought out. I adore the names, I think they fit really well with the colors and are an interesting alternative to the typical witch/ghost/zombie themed Halloween collections.

There are two mostly matte shades with just a slight sheen, a pearl shimmer shade, and two sparkly shades. 
-Full Moon Rising: a golden ivory pearl, looks like it'll be a gorgeous highlight.
-Guilty Pleasures: an antique bronze brown with golden sparkles.
-Some Girls Bite: a matte warm blood red with slight sheen.
-Sinister Instincts: a gun metal silver with lighter silver sparkles.
-Dark Prince: matte deepest blackened purple with very slight sheen.

There was a second version of the collection available with a lipcolor but I think they sold out early on. Without the lipcolor this collection was $25 from
I'm not sure if these shadows will eventually be added to the permanent line, they often are but it usually takes 4-6 months before they're available for individual purchase.

Did you buy any Halloween collections this year? :)

*I did not buy these products. All opinions are my own.


  1. Great review Em! Your swatches look amazing! And I LOVED my blood candy! LOL it was awesome! Crystal and BFTE are AMAZING! <3 ya girlie!

  2. Oh my, those are some freakin' awesome eyeshadow colours! Great swatches!


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