Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A very special offer for you! :)

Hey guys, I want to share something special with you; my sister Becky Penn Art is offering commissions to design a special, one-of-a-kind, unique-to-you makeup look! Simply explain what you want and she will draw it; you can then use it to create your own beautiful makeup look:
" Hey fans, I'm really in need of some cash right now so for those of you with paypal or check, I'm opening SPECIAL commissions!

Get a personalized Eye makeup concept DRAWING either of an existing look of yours, or get one designed for you, only 3$ via paypal.
Message me or email: Becky.Penn@gmail.com

(Disclaimer: Offer is for drawing of makeup only. This is NOT a "portrait".  See picture above for example.) "
 The best part of this offer? It's affordable- only $3 USD for a gorgeous custom eye look! Not into makeup but know someone who is? Give an extra-special Christmas gift to your makeup-loving friend or family member.
This is the makeup look I created from the sketch Becky made me. I was so so happy with the way everything turned out!
Since Becky is so creative and has an imagination for concept and color, I often beg her to design makeup looks for me this way lol. Her art is so beautiful and whimsical and colorful... it's so much fun to translate that onto my face. 
Becky Penn Art on Facebook
Please check her out, she does beautiful art!

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