Monday, May 14, 2012

Haul and swatches from Tick:Tock Cosmetics

 Day 43: As promised, here's a little haul and some swatches of my first experience ordering from Tick:Tock Cosmetics! I ordered during their recent first birthday sale and got all their Infinity Shadow Bases. The nude one is brand new and I'm excited to play with it!

My order came wrapped in cute birthday tissue paper :3
When I opened it up, all these adorable little confetti shapes fell out! I love these<3
Infinishy Shadow Bases
The nude one isn't named yet ;)
A free sample of First Birthday, a pretty silvery color which is hard to describe so I probably shouldn't try lol. It's very pretty though :)
From left: Milky Way, Black Hole, ??, and First Birthday over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.
Closeup of First Birthday.
Over Black Hole..
Over nude base..
Over Milky Way..
With flash..
I just got these on Saturday so I haven't gotten to try them much besides swatching, but the bases are very sticky and pigmented. At least the white and nude are; the black was very firm and smooth on top so I had a bit of trouble getting the product on my finger. Maybe if I break into it or warm it up a bit first, or maybe use a firm brush to get more product..

I did use the nude base yesterday when I did a little eyeshadow for church; I used Chinovi's "Business" on my lids and then put just a tiny smudge of the nude base in my crease and blended it in with my finger. It helped to define my crease, made my browbones look higher and my eyes look bigger while still looking natural, not like eyeshadow. I've never had much luck with using eyeshadow in my crease so I was very excited about this! I really liked the effect :)

I can't wait to try these babies as eyeshadow bases! I shall post more of my experimentations soon!

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