Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 56 Becky's Patriotic Makeup Tutorial

Disclaimer: there are many things I would do differently that I have learned over the last year (this is from 2011) I have tried to type in my corrections and advice along with the original photos. Enjoy and please send us a photo if you try this, we'd love to see it!! 
-Becky (and Emily) 

Step one : fresh face and then do your foundation/concealer or whatever you like. (I waited a while, forgive my naked face for the photos!)

Step 2, make a plan! I used Beauty From The Earth Mineral shadows.

Step 3 after using primer over face, Use NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in: Milk

4: Sticker stars!

5: (Should have started with the Red crease, but here I began with my base color.Peacock.)

Added red to my crease. and added more peacock to my lids. 
Then 6: start adding Milk pencil to bottom lid area.

7: Using a fine brush, DAB/PAT red/dark pink shadow in bottom lid area. note: Black area = auto red-eye correction! 

There should be no black eyeshadow whatsoever.

8: Using Blue liquid eyeliner from mark. girl in Blue Chrome, add blue stripes and winged line to top and bottom area.

9: Adding more definition, don't be afraid to thicken the eyeliner.

10: Remove stars and using white eyeliner, add a little to the vacant area. 
Touching up more of the bottom red, and added some peacock to the bottom eyeliner. See the green sheen

11: Using white eyeliner, add definition to the outer wings, around the red.

12: personal choice- using the Blue Chrome eyeliner, I added some drawn stars. I could have done it on a little paper and pressed the shape on while wet, rather than drawing in the mirror. xD

13: Don't forget your mascara and curled eyelashes. Also defining your eyebrows is a good idea. Using Spellbound, a dark blue- I defined my crease over the blue, and the eyeliner a little better

14: I used False eyelashes for this, but in the end they weren't much different from my natural ones.

15: For my lips, I consequently used a white base and then put red over it, this made my lips look more full, we also added red glitter which really made it dazzle. *NOTE BY EMILY: The red lippie is #911D "Stoplight Red" by Wet N' Wild. I know you wanted to ask! ;)*
OK firecracker! you're ready!

Have a great summer and God Bless America! 

<3 <3 -Becky


  1. Oh, dear .. this look is amazing. :) Might be a great cheerleader look :)


  2. Used this today for a Memorial Day parade with my marching band. It looked splendid with the colorguard outfits and flags. Thank you for sharing!


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