Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 48: Lip Tar swatches

 Day 48: here are some swatches of the lip tars I got at IMATS. :)
Direct sun: Feathered, Traffic, Rx, Tarred.
With flash.
With flash after blended out.
I blended the swatches with Q-tips which absorbed some of the color, but as you can see they're still quite opaque. I got these particular colors because I thought they'd be handy for custom color mixing. I've also wanted a black lip color forever; now that I have Tarred and my NYX black lipliner, I'm dying to do a dramatic black lip in a look!

How would you use these lip tars? :)


  1. I have a bunch of Lip Tars by OCC but mine are mostly "normal" colors. Feathered is very good for blending to make custom shades of generally any liquid lipstick or gloss, as is Tarred. Traffic and RX though, I would personally have picked up a nice neutral color like Memento (which I have and love) to mix with and play for some more options.

  2. *squeals* I love lip tars! What you see in the tube is really what you get!


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