Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 9: "Makeup with your eyes closed" tutorial ;)

It's Day 9 and today I have something special for you...
It's a video my sister Becky and I made several weeks ago on a whim. We decided to film ourselves putting on makeup... with our eyes closed. It's pretty silly, lol. It's also long so if you can't watch the whole thing you can skip to near the end when we "reveal" our "looks". ;)
You can see the video HERE.
It kind of spoils the surprise of the video but I couldn't not post this since it shows how truly crazy the makeup looked in person.... xD
This was my palette after we finished. Now I cringe every time I watch myself rub the brush all over it lol. >.<
This was tons of fun and a good reminder not to take makeup so seriously all the time. I hope you enjoy it ;)

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  1. oh my gosh too funny!!!! You guys made my day :)


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