Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 8: BFTE Pro Colors swatches

(Please click to view in huge resolution and detail!)
 Happy Day 8! Today we have swatches of BFTE's new Pro Colors, yay! Pro Colors differ from BFTE's normal line because they are made with dyes, silicones, waxes, etc. which are supposed to make them more pigmented, vibrant, and blendable. They cost the same as normal eyeshadows: $6.50 for full size and $2.00 for sample jars.
I got sample jars of all 13 colors:
 Top row: Meissa, Hydrobius, Denebola, Vega, Kastra, Errai
Bottom row: Zaniah, Draconis, Ushakaron, Okul, Orionis, Nekkar, and Kraz.
(Each color is named after a star or constellation, I believe.)

Swatched dry on bare lotioned skin and photographed in direct sunlight:
L to R: Zaniah, Draconis, Ushakaron, Okul, Orionis, Nekkar, Kraz, Meissa, Hydrobius, Denebola, Vega, Kastra, Errai

The swatches aren't my usual standard since my swatching camera was dead at the time. I used my bulky Canon Rebel which takes lovely and accurate photos, but is extremely hard to use one-handed while trying to take pictures of 13 colors across my entire arm, lol. My little camera is better now so I plan to take more detailed swatches soon. Maybe I will do them individually or a few at a time to really focus on each color.

I haven't had a chance to use these shadows much yet but from the swatches I can see they are really pretty colors. Straight/primary color lovers will find every color of the rainbow here, and lovers of complex and unique shadows will enjoy the varying sparkles and textures of each one.
While swatching there were a few in particular that I fell in love with: Ushakaron, Okul, Kraz, Meissa, Hydrobius, and Kastra. I can't wait to play with these! :D

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