Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 3: BFTE's Coffee Shop Collection swatches!

Day 3 is BFTE's Coffee Shop Collection swatch day!
From left: Caffe Latte, Salted Caramel, Mocchiato, Chai, Espresso.
Swatched dry on bare, lotioned skin. The first batch of pics was taken with my Canon Rebel, first in natural light and then with flash.

Caffe Latte; a matte creamy yellow-nude shade, silky and pigmented. Like a latte with lots of cream ;)
Salted Caramel; a light shimmery caramel with sparkles. Gorgeous shade and the sparkliest of the bunch.
Mocchiato; medium taupey shade with warm golden sheen. My favorite of the group<3
Chai; red earth with slight silvery sheen. Almost looks to have a very slight greenish(?) interference.
Espresso; deep brown with pretty sparklies that look greenish in some lights. Looks like wet coffee grounds.
This second set of pics were taken with my Mom's iPhone since my normal swatching camera was dead. ;P
Direct sunlight
Direct sunlight
More sunlight..

So that's the coffee collection! I like all the shades but my favorites are the 3 lightest shades with Mocchiato stealing my heart.<3
To see a look using 2 of the colors, click here!

That's it for Day 3, don't forget to check out the other Beauty Challengers in my blogroll over there ---->

Thanks for reading<33


  1. Ooh, adding this to my next COTW order. These are gorgeous!

  2. Hi Emily! :D I've tagged you in a "11 questions tag." I hope you'll think it's fun! ^^


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