Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 1: Coral Coffee Shop

 I have an announcement: I've decided to participate in a 90 Day Blog Makeup Challenge with a bunch of other blogger ladies; (A LIST OF PARTICIPANTS IS VISIBLE ON THE RIGHT-HAND SIDE OF MY BLOG); basically we just have to post something makeup related on our blogs every day for 90 days. Sounds intimidating, doesn't it? I agree...
When I first heard about the challenge my mind immediately began to fill with excuses for why I couldn't do it, but throwing caution to the wind and saying "Why not?" I agreed to challenge myself right along with them. The worst thing that can happen is I become so overwhelmed or busy with real life things that I can no longer continue on a daily basis. If that happens, at least I'll know I tried, and maybe I'll even have some personal triumphs to take out of the experience.
SO! All that being said, I'm excited to share with you my post for Day 1: Coral Coffee Shop!
 This idea was inspired by my new Coffee Shop collection of eyeshadows from Beauty from the Earth, and the coral part came from Nymphette's April Challenge Calendar. (I love this idea!)
The first 4 photos were taken with flash, the rest in direct sunlight from the setting sun :)


BFTE shadows in:
-Espresso (coffee shop collection dark brown)
-Mocchiato (coffee shop collection shimmery light-medium golden brown)
-Very Vanilla (matte vanilla on lid)
-Butt Naked (shimmery vanilla on browbone/tearduct)
UD 24/7 Glide-On pencils in:
 -Stray Dog (lower lashline with Mocchiato over top)
-Demolition (dark matte brown to line lid)
-Wet N' Wild Megaliner in Dark Brown (for the wing)
-Sephora mini white eyeliner (waterline)
Cover Girl Lash Perfection mascara in Very Black
-Wet N' Wild eye and brow pencil in Taupe (brow)
-Shu Uemura curler
-Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Light (around eye)

-Laura Mercier primer (sample)
-mark. Powder Buff in Nude (left side only, lol)
-Darling Girl Cosmetics blush in Cheeky (peachy coral)

-mark. gloss in Beverly Hills (coral shade from "L.A." Flip For It kit)
-Darling Girl Cosmetics "Miami" Holo-Gloss

I wanted to do a simple look without too much fuss. I intended to to both eyes but just got too lazy, lol. I'm not really wearing much foundation, just some powder... as you can see, my skin is crap right now. :( I wish I had a good foundation that was easy to take off; Colorstay works well but it's just way too harsh on my skin to use every day. (If anyone knows of a good-coverage foundation that's not hard to remove, I'm looking to try something new.) My skin has also been dry this season and gets flaky which is annoying. Even still, I think the pictures look somewhat artsy and nice anyway, if you can ignore my naked eye and bad skin, lol. If I'm going to potentially be doing this every day, I think you'll get used to seeing me looking less... put together, shall we say. But I think it will help me not to be such a perfectionist all the time. ;P

Darling Girl "Miami" Holo-Gloss FULL of sparkle!
The thick liner was an accident but I think it worked out :)

That's it for Day 1, stay tuned for Day 2! Also please check out the other challengers and show them your support! There's a list on the right-hand side ------->

Thanks so much for reading!<3

*Disclaimer: Some or all images were LIGHTLY edited using Aperture; for details, please read the photo editing disclosure widget at the bottom of my right-side bar.


  1. A great neutral look on you! Good luck with the 90 day challenge! I'd participate, but I'm not sure I could do 90 looks in 90 days since I dint wear makeup everyday.

  2. Oooo! 90 Days! Fun!! This is a lovely look. :)

  3. OMG that ligloss!! I need it!! and I did not know you were into am I!!!! yay :)

    1. Yay I didn't know that!! We need to discuss this!! lol

  4. loving the look, haha would be even better on both eyes :P seriously, great liner and pretty lip color

  5. Looks really pretty and reminds definitely on coffee. :)



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