Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 28: another old EOTD

Day 28: This is yet another old eye look that I never posted anywhere because I didn't like how it turned out lol. I was trying to recreate a look I did over a year ago and loved, but it turned out nothing like it. v_v
I used BFTE colors: Spring Fever is the light pink on lid, and I thin I used Chocolate, Harvest, Guipure.. not sure what else. I still want to recreate the real one.. I'll get it eventually ;)

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  1. The color harmony is gorgeous. So much warmth and just the type of colors I'm majorly into at the momement.
    Although I am not too sure about the shape here - could just be the angle.

    1. Thanks<3 The colors are pretty but I usually like a little more distinction and the placement is kinda random lol. Yeah the angle is weird but so is the shape, lol. x3

  2. This is sooo pretty, especially with your eye color!


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