Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 25: BFTE Wildfire quick swatch

 Well it's Day 25 and my computer has been acting up; it keeps freezing and then not wanting to start up again. It happened again tonight and I was worried I wouldn't get to make my post, but thankfully after letting it sit a few hours I was able to get it working again. :)
Tonight I bring you a swatch I did last week of Wildfire, a recent COTW from BFTE Cosmetics. I received this jar free because I was the Fan of the Week on their Facebook page, yay! :D It was perfect timing because I've always wanted to try this color but knew I wouldn't be able to order due to my eyeshadow no-buy.
On to the pics!
 I think this color is described on the site as a light cantaloupe orange with gold shimmer, and I'd say that is a very accurate description. The shimmer makes it metallic, especially when used over something like Darling Girl's Glitter Glue (which I believe it was in the swatch below). It's a very pretty color<3

 (Swatched on glitter glue and taken in natural light)
Click me! :D
And there you have it! I recommend this color if you like orange, metallics, or sparkles.

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  1. Very pretty color! I want to see it in a look :-)

  2. Holy WOW, that's an awesome color!!


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