Friday, February 3, 2012

Review: Moon Rabbit Cosmetics

 Here is my review for a brand new company called Moon Rabbit Cosmetics!
Moon Rabbit just launched their website a few days ago and I had the privilege of receiving a set of my choice to review. There are 2 sets currently available, the Valentine's Day set and the Groundhog Day set; I chose the Groundhog Day set as I'm interested in nudes and neutrals right now.
Here are product and swatch photos, followed by links where you can find these cosmetics, and my own impressions. (All photos are clickable for detail and have not been edited at all except for cropping.)
Have a look:
As you can see, the sample-size clamshells are shrink-wrapped, cool!
The darkest color, Punxsutawney Phil; "milk chocolate brown matte with warm burgundy shimmers". Very pretty!
6 Weeks til Spring; "medium brown with shimmer". Looks lighter here than in person. Gorgeous color.
 6 More Weeks of Winter; "frosty nude". A really beautiful lightly frosty peachy-nude with satiny sheen. Looks a little more orange in my photos but in person it's more frosty. So pretty<3
Blue Popcicle; my description: "Bright medium shimmer blue with tiny silver sparkles". I was excited to receive a blue as my free sample because I love blues and browns together!
Direct sun, from left: Punxsutawney Phil, 6 Weeks Til Spring, 6 More Weeks of Winter, Blue Popcicle.
Daylight. These are a bit more accurate color-wise.


Color descriptions (as offered on the website):

-Punxsutawney Phil - milk chocolate brown matte with warm burgundy shimmers
-6 Weeks til Spring - medium brown with shimmer
  -6 More Weeks of Winter - frosty nude

I would say the descriptions are accurate and uncomplicated. There is no description for the blue color as it's not listed on the site yet, but here's my description:

-Blue Popsicle - Bright medium shimmer blue with tiny silver sparkles

All of the shadows applied well to my arm; they were swatched dry on bare skin with a little Pond's cream rubbed in, as is my usual custom. The colors are very pigmented and I didn't experience a lot of fallout or other similar annoyances. I even managed to open the clamshell containers without making a huge mess, except for Punxsutawney Phil which was the first one I opened; I discovered they open better when simply using my hands to absorb the shock, as opposed to bracing them on a table or surface while opening.
Something I noticed after swatching was that the colors stayed on my arm exactly how I applied them for a good amount of time, maybe an hour or more, while I ate breakfast and did a few other things. I was impressed that none of the shadow fell off, and even the sparkles stayed put! I can't speak of how they wear on the eyes though, since I haven't gotten to do a look with these yet.

I have to admit I struggled with the names; Punxsutawney Phil is hard to spell and I had to keep looking at the word while typing this review, lol. I also found the other two names really confusing because they're sort of similar.. I'm sure I'll never be able to remember which is which. >.< This however is a minor inconvenience and doesn't outweigh the cuteness of this set, which I believe is a limited item.

The website was new to me but I spent a few minutes on it; while I didn't actually go through a checkout process, I did browse around a bit and found it to be very clean and easy to navigate. Swatch photos are available for each set and seem to accurately portray the colors. Each individual eyeshadow is listed in the set, along with correct descriptions, a complete ingredients list and whether it is for use on eyes/lips/nails/face.

-Beautiful colors
-Range of finishes
-Pigmented, easy to work with
-Unique for a brand new company
-Nice website

-I noticed some of the colors seemed possibly like they weren't 100% perfectly blended; there were tiny chunks of pigment or base in some of them and those chunks streaked a little in the swatches. This didn't really bother me and it's certainly something that can be remedied by better blending. I don't pretend to know anything about blending eyeshadows, this is just my opinion as a consumer lol. :)
-I saw on another review that the price of shipping is $4.50 in the US which, if true, is a bit steeper than I'm used to paying. I don't know for sure though since I haven't placed an order myself.

-Would I buy from Moon Rabbit? Yes :)
I very much enjoyed my first experience with Moon Rabbit and I'm looking forward to trying these products and more in the future! I realize my review was a bit on the long site, but I had a lot to say about this company. Please make sure to check out their store or Facebook page using the links I posted earlier.
Thanks for reading!<3

*Disclaimer: Products received free of charge for purpose of review, all opinions are my own.


  1. nice colors!! :) like your blog!

  2. Those colors do look like they are very pigmented! Thanks for the swatches! I'll have to check out Moon Rabbit's site one of these days!

    1. They really stayed on my arm too, until I washed them off. I'm looking forward to playing with them on my eyes! ;D

  3. I'm really excited how the colors look on the eyes :)

  4. Beautiful blog, I love it so I had to follow it:)
    It's awesome.<3


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