Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Overdue haul: Christmas goodies!

 I haven't posted a haul in a while so I felt the need to post a few recent acquisitions. :)
This was part of my Christmas haul; I actually ordered them for myself from Sephora, but my parents were good enough to foot the bill as their Christmas present to their lovely daughter.<3 I got both limited 24/7 travel-sized sets because I decided I need some really good liners. These things are easy to apply, long-wearing, and are creamy enough that I can sort of use them as bases for shadows, which I've been doing on my lower lashline a lot since I got them. I have yet to really try it on my lid, though.
I took some messy swatch pics:
Zero, Demolition, Bourbon, Underground, Stray Dog, Perversion, Ransom, Woodstock, Radium, Junkie.
Even though the pigmentation isn't as good as the other shades, I've probably used Ransom the most since I've been really into purple lately; I love putting it on my lower lashline with BFTE's Grape pigment over top. (In fact I have an upcoming look doing just that!)
Radium is a pretty pearly bright blue, and another shade I've used quite a bit. It looks awesome on the waterline but doesn't stick around, sadly. At least not on MY waterline. :(
Demolition looks messy because I somehow managed to screw up the tip with the cap lol, so I used the messed up bit for the swatch.. waste not, ya know. It's a perfect replacement for my deep matte brown eyeliner which I USED UP *gasp* a few months ago. Deep brown liner is usually my go-to for daily looks.
Next up we have the Sugarpill Afterparty eyeshadow, which I won in a blog giveaway from Mai! Mai is awesome, in case you didn't already know. You should definitely go check out her blog!
This was one of those "Earn extra entries by Tweeting every day" deals, and I think I Tweeted every day but one after I entered. I really wanted this eyeshadow!!!
She even sent a Christmas card, how sweet :)
You don't know how long I've waited for this moment...
I think this was one swipe of my brush.. this stuff is super-pigmented and smooth as butter.
It has a slight satin sheen, as you can see in this flash picture.
I barely had to rub to get this much pigment!
The color is actually a deep bold blue in person but tends to look lighter in photos, I think. I've already done a look using Afterparty, which you can see here. Thanks again Mai for this glorious prize!

I also got a bunch of BFTE as part of my Christmas present to myself and I plan on doing a post about that soon as well, so stay tuned for that and more!
As always, thanks for reading!<3

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