Monday, October 17, 2011

New BFTE swatches, pic heavy ;)

Last Sunday night I ordered from BFTE because I wanted the CotW. My order was promptly shipped the very next morning, as per usual BFTE procedure, but took abnormally long to arrive; I least I think it was abnormal, but then I'm not yet used to the postal system in this new town.
Anyway, my goodies arrived today and I was squeeing like a little kid on Christmas morning, lol. I took swatches right away so as not to lose the morning light. I think they turned out okay, though I'm still trying to figure out how to take macro shots that look as good as the ones I used to take with the old camera. (R.I.P.)

Here's what I got! (Remember to click the pics for large version!)
A sample of Envy because everyone on the BFTE FB page always uses it in their looks, for my 365 prize I chose Bombshell because I saw it in a look and loved it, a sample of Copper Cauldron because I suddenly felt I needed it lol.
My other 365 prize Mutiny (middle) because I'd been wondering what sort of color it was, there's no pic on the site, but then I finally saw a swatch on Heather's blog and I had to have it! Tough Men Wear Pink was the CotW, and the reason I had to order. I saw someone post a look using this color with Autumn and it was simply stunning.
My free sample of Dragon Slayer, I was ecstatic to get this sample! Weeks ago someone posted pics of this brand new color when she got it as her free sample; the following week it was the CotW, and sold out midweek! I really wanted to try it so I was absolutely thrilled to find this in my order :D

 You gotta see these swatches! I didn't edit them at all, only cropping. All swatches were done with small dry brushes on bare skin prepped with a tiny bit of Pond's cream, as usual. :)
(Btw, you can also view all my BFTE swatches in their album on my Makeup Fancy FB page!)
From left: Envy, Bombshell, Copper Cauldron, Mutiny, Dragon Slayer, Tough Men Wear Pink.
Mutiny is very sparkly! Dragonslayer is smooth and super pigmented. Pink is silky and almost matte with a slight golden rub.
Envy is lime green with gold sparkles, Bombshell is dark green with green sparkles; both are very sparkly. Copper Cauldron is a warm taupey brown with light shimmer, I love it!!
Can you see the pink sparkles in Mutiny??

So there you go! There were a lot of pictures but I figured why not try to show the colors in every light from every angle so you really get a feel for them ;)
I just saw the new Color of the Week on the Facebook page and man... I want it, lol. Sadly though I can't afford any more makeup right now, so I guess it will have to wait until next time.
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