Monday, September 5, 2011

Ocean-y EOTD with BFTE

Click to view freakishly huge version :)
Here's another play look from a few nights ago. I didn't really have anything in mind except I was thinking of the ocean floor while slapping pigments on, hence the tiny pearls. ;3
I used mostly BFTE pigments for this look, as well as my usual staples.
Now read on for a product list...

Products I used:
-NYX JEP in Milk (on lid)
-Sephora mini white eyeliner pencil (inner corner/outer corner/lower lashline/waterline)

BFTE pigments in:
-7 Seas (matte teal on lid)
-Marina (shimmery teal over 7 Seas and lower lashline)
-Blueberry (bright blue on outer corner)
-Triple Berry (sparkly berry shade above crease and under lower lashline)
-Whisper (white/violet highlight on inner corner/browbone/outer corner/under lower lashline)
*Those were the main colors; I also added touches of:
-Grape (purple in crease)
-Tickle Me (bright teal to blend green/blue)
-Blue Bird (vivid deep blue on outer corner)
-Jaded (sparkly green patted on middle of lid)
-High Roller (bright blue glitter in outer corner/lower lashline)
-Casablanca Nights (black w/blue glitter over black liner)
-Truffle (matte medium brown on brow over brown pencil)

-Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue
-88 Palette (darkest blue shade to deepen crease just a bit)
-L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense Liquid Liner (upper lashline)
-DUO eyelash glue
-Ardell 135 falsies
-Pearl nail decals (not sure what brand, sorry!)
-Shu Uemura eyelash curler
-mark. Lash All You Want mascara in Black

-Coastal Scents Camouflage Concealer Palette
-BFTE mineral foundation in Light Beige
-mark. loose powder

All shadows were applied dry over bases listed. Once I'd applied the main shadows, I wanted more depth so I decided to pat on a little DGC Glitter Glue here and there to make the colors stick better. I also used it to make the glitter stick :) My application kinda sucks but I think the different textures are interesting. x3
That's the only picture you get because I'm too lazy right now to pick others to upload :(
Overexposed iris, rawr.
Thanks for reading!<3


  1. I love it, I think it's beautiful. :-)

  2. OOO, very pretty and super creative :)

  3. Very pretty the green color is beautiful!

  4. @Kattatonic Fierceology Thanks :D They were a pain to put on though, I kept dropping them lol..

  5. @Amber It's 3 eyeshadows layered, it gives a nice effect :) Thank you!

  6. very very nice...

  7. can't stop being mesmerized by your use of colors! love each and every post of yours. inspired me to add some color to my eye makeup!

  8. @coy colleen Oh that's wonderful! I'm still experimenting myself, it makes makeup fun ;D Thanks so much for the comment, I really appreciate it!<3

  9. wow thats what we call perfection very beautiful peacock look

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