Friday, August 26, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics review and swatches, yay!

I ordered from Darling Girl Cosmetics almost two months ago, but as some of you know I've been having computer issues, so the fabulous product shots I took of my package when it arrived are currently trapped on my laptop which is in the custody of my dad or brother until they (hopefully) fix it. However this week we finally got a new camera to replace the one that broke, so I was finally able to take some new product shots and swatches to share with you all! The swatches turned out not too badly, thankfully. The product shots aren't as good as my previous ones, but I guess they'll do. :P

I'm not going to talk too much about the ordering process and all that, mostly because it was a while ago and I forget the details lol. (All I really remember was that I hit some snags in the ordering process, but Susan was nice and helped me through it.) There are plenty of blogs reviewing DGC in depth, so I'm mostly reviewing my personal feelings about the brand and the products themselves, with emphasis on the best part: the swatches! So buckle up for a pic heavy post and keep reading...... ;D

I ordered:
-Blogger's Review Set with samples of Electra, Mardi Gras, Exhale, Rose Queen(blush), and Miami Holo-gloss (This is a genius idea!)
-So Sakura set with Liquid Kiss gloss and petit-sized eyeshadow
-Glitter Glue
-My order came with free samples of new eyeshadows Barbarella and Danceteria, and a petit jar of Charming Coral blush, the free gift with purchase!

On to the pictures! I feel weird without a picture of the entire order together, so I guess I'll just jump right in... (Don't forget to click the pics for full-size viewing!)
Electra eyeshadow, a metallic "Oscar the Grouch" green with a hint of gold and shimmery goodness. I'm a sucker for this type of green, and I love this one a lot!
Mardis Gras eyeshadow, a pretty aqua-teal with subtle copper shimmer. It reminds me of oxidizing copper, like the Statue of Liberty. (You can see the copper better in the swatch photos.)
Excite eyeshadow, a beautiful lavendery purple with aqua shimmer. This type of shade seems common enough, but this seems like one of the prettier versions! The purple isn't at all greyish, and the aqua stands out nicely over Glitter Glue.
Rose Queen blush; I have an obsession with blushes, so after browsing for hours upon hours, I settled on this rosey shade. It has a purple undertone which one would think might be too cool for someone neutral like me, but I actually love it. It looks mauvey pink in the bag, but when applied to my face it takes on more of a berry tone. It has very subtle shimmer, I really like it. I've worn it several times already, and I'll probably wear it a lot in the coming cooler months as well.
Free sample of Barbarella eyeshadow! I'd just seen this color on Susan's blog and Facebook, and I was sad that I'd already ordered because I definitely would have included this in my order. For some reason this shade was really hard to photograph; the color didn't really show up accurately in any of the pics, it ends up looking more brown than pink. To me it looks like a light, bright, metallic coppery pink shade, almost like a brand new penny. Thank you Susan for sending me this sample, I adore it!
Free sample of Danceteria; if you could make eyeshadow out of a discoball, you'd get this bright metallic silver with CRAZY multicolored glitter! I'm not a big fan of wearing glitter since it kind of gets everywhere, but this stuff is pretty cool. If you love glitter, you probably need this shadow. ;P
Miami holo-gloss; peachy-pinky-coral gloss with tons of gold glitter. When I tried it on, the glitter really stood out! Again, since I'm not a big glitter-wearer, I think I'll try wearing this with another gloss to tone down the glitter a bit, but it's really pretty to look at. ;3
So Sakura Liquid Kiss gloss. It's a soft pink shade with fuchsia-violet highlight, terribly pretty.
Here you can see the shimmer! Ignore the scratches and debris, it's been in my purse since I got it. (Except for the week it apparently went to camp with my sister, which is actually probably where the scratches and debris came from. ;P)
The applicator is smaller than I'm used to, so I need to apply a few times to get a glossy pout. No real smell or taste that I could notice.
My gorgeous GWP blush and Sakura eyeshadow petits- I LOVE the artwork on the jars! They feel very sturdy and high quality.
L to R: Charming Coral Blush and Sakura eyeshadow. If I have an obsession with blush, I have an UNHEALTHY obsession with coral. When I saw the swatch pics of Charming Coral, I knew I had to order; it's so pigmented and bright! I've worn it a few times, applied with a stippling brush it gives me a nice bright flush of coral. <3
Each label tells you what's safe in the cutest font ever. Despite the warning I've been very tempted to put Charming Coral on my eyes. >.<
Now for swatches! (Except for So Sakura gloss which I forgot to swatch, sorry..)
L to R: Electra, Mardis Gras, Exhale, Danceteria, Barbarella, Sakura, Charming Coral, Rose Queen, Miami holo-gloss. This pic is in direct sunlight :)
In daylight :)
Closeups with flash!
More closeups!
Direct sunlight so you can see the sparkle :) Look at the blue in Exhale!

Slightly out of focus for shimmer-purposes ;)
Here you can really see the copper sparkles in Mardi Gras! Sooo pretty...

Slight violet sheen in Sakura <3
Blushes and holo-gloss. I obviously swatched the blushes without blending them so you can see the colors better ;)
Amazing glitter in this gloss!
All eyeshadows were swatched on DG Glitter Glue, blushes and gloss were swatched on bare lotioned skin.The Glitter Glue, (which I sadly just realized I forgot to take pictures of this time :<), was what interested me in DGC to begin with; I read some blogger reviews about how awesome it was, so I had to try it myself. I really like it; super easy to use, and makes shadows look awesome! I've been using it whenever I want to swatch a shadow, not even for pictures but just to see what the shadow looks like over a foiling medium. It's good stuff :)

So there you have it! I am thoroughly enjoying my Darling Girl cosmetics, and I look forward to purchasing more. Susan is a sweetie and always seems to be working on new products, which I love; I can't wait to see what drool-worthy things she comes out with next. If you haven't tried Darling Girl Cosmetics, I highly recommend them!

*All products were purchased by me, all opinions are my own, yada yada yada. You know the drill. ;)*


  1. Love Darling Girl! Great swatches--I really need Rose Queen now :)

  2. I think Danceteria needs to be mine! I love all the swatches!

  3. Thanks ladies, glad you enjoyed them! :)

    @cait: Rose Queen is lovely <3

    @Peace, Love and Sparkles!: It's very unique!

  4. I have Charming Coral too, and it is gorgeous! Such a happy, bright blush :)

  5. I just recently heard of this brand. Your swatches are so fantastic. But now I want them all. That's a problem! LOL. Great post, you did a wonderful job :)

  6. @Larie: It is gorgeous, and it really does make me happy! So glad I got it :D

    @Ms. Prettyful Girl: Thanks so much, that's good to hear! Haha, I know exactly what you mean ;)

  7. So many pretty colors! I love DG! Glad you like the Glitter Glue. I think its amazing!


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