Saturday, July 30, 2011

Update and BFTE haul with swatches

Hello lovelies, it's been a while! It's about the end of the month so I figured I should update, but I'll wait until the end for that part. ;) For now, read on for pics and swatches of (one of) my latest BFTE hauls!
This haul was technically my sister Becky's; she won a look contest for Fourth of July, and her prize was 3 full-size minerals of her choice! Being the awesome sister that she is, she let my other sister and me each pick out a color too. Aww <3
L to R: Vixen, Spice, End of Times.

Aloha and Crush.

Marina(COTW) and Baked.
After stampeding for the door when the mail came, my sisters begged to help me swatch them. xD As usual, I rubbed a tiny bit of Pond's cream onto my sister's arm and swatched everything dry with a small brush.
In direct sunlight:
Vixen, Spice, End of Times, Aloha, Crush, Marina, Baked, Zach's Friends.


Look at the sparkle in Zach's Friends!
In natural light:
Vixen, Spice, End of Times, Aloha, Crush, Marina, Baked, and Zach's Friends.

I wish these were sideways but I forgot to flip them before uploading. :(

Marina is much prettier than I thought it would be; pigmented and satiny, a bright green-teal! I heart it.
And finally, with flash:
Vixen, Spice, End of Times, Aloha, Crush, Marina, Baked, and Zach's Friends.

Some colors are satin, some shimmer, and some sparkle :)
My own descriptions:
-Vixen is a gorgeous deep wine burgundy color with a metallic-like shimmer. Super pretty in person!
-Spice is a rusty red-brown color, more red than brown. It has larger silvery shimmers in it, but isn't overly sparkly.
-End of Times is a satiny red-pink, almost coral, with a little shimmer. It's super smooth in texture! This is a fairly new color, I'm not sure if it's available on the site or if it was a limited thing. We didn't purchase this sample jar, it was actually thrown into the order free, so I wasn't prepared for how pretty it is in person!
-Aloha was Becky's pick for her free jar, she loves corally pink colors. Aloha is a bright warm candy pink with tons of teal glitter; I had a little trouble getting it to stick for a dry swatch, so I did a separate "wet" swatch which you can see below. ;)
-Crush was my sister Abby's pick for a free jar; it's a bright fresh orange with a satiny texture, pretty straight forward. :)
-Marina was one of my favorites of the group, such a gorgeous bright green-teal! It was brighter and more pigmented than I'd seen in other swatch pictures, and also has a lovely bit of shimmer. Beautiful!
-Baked is a nice kind of bronzy-tan, almost metallic, very smooth and pigmented and shimmery and gorgeous! I like it more than Suede, which is a lot more silvery. This would make a great shade for everyday neutral looks, or could totally be glammed up for evening with blacks, browns, golds, whatever! I also think it would look smashing with purples. <3
-Zach's Friends is a gorgeous purple with lots of silver glitter. As with Aloha, swatching was a little tricky so see below for a separate swatch. This shade is a newer shade and is only sold in full-size as part of BFTE's Beautiful Beneficence campaign.
Aloha swatched over BFTE's Liquid Luster. These pics look a little washed out because of the sunlight and the angle, but the colors are actually brighter in person.

Tons of sparkles!

Zach's Friends swatched over Liquid Luster. Foiled or over a good base, this shade is sooo pretty!
I've been wanting to get these up for a while but it's been crazy around here what with moving and everything. I'm still getting situated in the new place, and to make matters even crazier, both my laptop AND my sister's camera that I use for swatching are out of order, so I haven't been able to do any blogging for the last 2 weeks like I'd planned. :( That's why these pics are all huge and have no watermarks or anything. I just wanted to get them on here and out of the way lol. x3
I have a few other hauls and things I've been dying to post, but they'll have to wait until I can get the camera/computer situation sorted out.

So that's all for now, sorry it's not quite up to standard for me but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Hope everyone is doing well, enjoy the weekend!<3


  1. What lovely colors! And interesting...why do you use Pond's cream?

  2. Aloha is one of my all time favorites! Great swatches! And that 4th of July look was gorgeous, well done :)

  3. @sugarbumpkin Mainly because I bought it as a moisturizer but hated the smell, so I have a huge jar to use up lol. I rub a little into my skin just to give the swatches something to stick to. :)

  4. @Liber Vix Thank you! All of the looks were great, it was a fun contest! :D

  5. I love the swatches... the colours are so pigmented!


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