Monday, April 11, 2011

BFTE Swatches

I really need to come up with a filing system for all my BFTE posts lol. Anyway.. here are my newest additions, minus one; I forgot to include my new Pyxis highlighter sample in the picture! (It was in my bathroom because I used it yesterday.) I'll just do another post soon with my BFTE face products. :)
Please ignore the weird dark shadow on the outer left edge of Wacky, that was the camera's fault. >.<
I ordered 3 eyeshadows: Emerald City which I chose as my prize for my latest BFTE 365 look, Guipure the CotW, and Wacky which I nominated for CotW but didn't win. :( I've had my eye on this one for a while so I had to get it anyway. I also got a free sample baggie of Bubbly which I LOVE! Here they all are, photographed in different lighting situations. (I didn't photograph Guipure since I'd already taken pics of my free sample a while back. I'll include a link at the end if you'd like to see them.)
Indoor natural light.
Direct sunlight!
I purposely waited all weekend to swatch these in sunlight, since the weather's been too cloudy. The colors look so gorgeous in the sun! <3

All swatched with a clean dry brush on bare skin prepped with a little Pond's cream.

Color descriptions:

-Bubbly is kind of hard to decipher; looking at the swatch on the back of my hand right now, it looks like a bright metallic peach-toned gold, so I guess that's the best way to describe it. It's smooth and pigmented with no discernible sparkles, just metallicy goodness! Reminds me a little of Spring Fever, but peachy-orange instead of mauvey-pink. I'll definitely be getting a jar of this one soon.

-Wacky is a medium red orange, not yellow-toned like a lot of BFTE's orange shades. It has very low shimmer, but if you look super close you can sort of see tiny tiny little gold sparkles. They're more visible in photos than to the naked eye, though. When i tilt my hand, there's a sheen to it that looks almost pink, and the color has a bit of a metallic quality to it. All in all, I love this color! It's exactly the red-orange i wanted.

-Emerald City is a light neutral green. I call it "neutral" because even though it doesn't really have any blue in it, it's not really a yellow-toned green. (At least not to me, but then I have a lot of yellow-toned greens! haha) There are small gold sparkles which are very pretty; I'm not usually a huge fan of glittery shades that go all over the place, but this one seems just enough under control that I'll probably use it quite a bit. I'd give it a Sparkle Factor rating of about a 2 out of 3; it does have loose sparkles but they didn't fly up in a cloud when I was swatching. I got the full-size because I had a feeling I'd love it and I was right. ;)

If you're looking for swatches and info about Guipure, go HERE!

Once again every color is a hit from BFTE, I absolutely love everything. If you haven't tried BFTE, you can check them out at and on their Facebook page. Have a great week! :D


  1. Great swatches. I have to buy Wacky now. I've been looking for an orange this color.

  2. Beautiful swatches! I haven't order in a while and I'm dying! xD

  3. @Alicia J It's an awesome color, I'm really glad I have it now. I'm itching to do an orangey look!

  4. @Pepi Hehe I know how you feel, this was my first order in several weeks. I was trying to be good but I couldn't pass up the Guipure CotW ;)

  5. These shadows are so pigmented! I love the green. You got my package already? Awesome! That was super fast! lol =]

  6. @Leenda Yes they are, I like all of them a lot :)

    Yep I did! I know, I was surprised too lol, but soo happy! :D

  7. Hey Emily, I am not sure how to contact you, I am going to dupe one of your 88 palette looks today. Can I use one of the pictures on my blog please??

  8. @Christina AKA The Glitter Mom Sure Christina, sounds good! I commented on your blog too so you wouldn't miss it. ;)

  9. These swatches are so beautiful! :) The green is my favorite :D

  10. Bubbly and Wacky seem like perfect shades for me.

  11. Lovely colors! Bubbly is my favorite one! xoxo

  12. Wacky and Bubbly look gorgeous. I've never seen their site- I'll have to check it out :)

  13. wow they are really gorgeous :) new follower here i'd love if you follow back

  14. I really like the look of bubbly!

    im LOVING bfte they have colors ive never seen before in eyeshadows
    i started a blog showing some of the looks i did using them

  16. ahh these swatches are gorgeous...Bubbly and Emerald City are exactly the kind of colors I like ^_^ They're so pigmented!


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