Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot Pink, Purple and Teal/Turquise (GSM colors!)

Here's a quick update on my most recent look:

Hot pink, purple, and teal/turquoise blue!!!
I've been planning this look for a while, and it occurred to me that these colors are sort of the colors of the GSM website, goSupermodel. I'll probably do a future entry on it, but just a quick explanation of what GSM is: it's basically a girls fashion community site, where upon joining you choose a model to represent you on the site. Models are kind of like digital paper dolls which you can dress up and change your hair and makeup, etc. You buy new clothes and whatnot in the various "shops" on the site. There are also forums where you can chat with other members. It's a fun and girly site which I and my sisters have been enjoying for the past few years. :)

Okay, now the makeup!

Started with UDPP and NYX Milk pencil as a base, then HEAVILY applied shades from my Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette: hottest pink, bluish-purple, and a lighter warm purple to blend the other two shades. I started with a darker teal blue under my eyes, but it turned out a little chalky and didn't look quite right, so I kept adding different shadows under there. The end result was kinda light and shimmery, but still looks good. x3
I applied mark. Keep It Going gel liner/shadow duo in Entourage (the silver half) to my inner corners and lower third of my eye to brighten things up. (I also used the black side of Entourage to line my upper lids.) I used mark. Biscotti (creamy and pearly with a hint of gold shimmer) to highlight my browbone, and a light dusting of Nomadic (a bright shimmery yellow-gold) around my eyes and cheekbones. I used a warm light shimmery pink from the 88 palette to blend around the edges of the hot pink.
I curled my lashes and applied false lashes, then applied Maybelline The Colossal Waterproof mascara in Glam Black to blend my lashes into the false ones. (The liner on my right eye got messed up because I had to try 3 times to get the lashes right, lol.)
Some brow pencil/powder/clear mascara to set my brows and voila! I love how it turned out, really nice and bright. What do you think? :D

Check out, there art multiple sites for different countries. I'm Eriya on the US server, come say hi!

Thanks for reading! <333

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