Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Darling Girl Swatches: Paper Runway Collection

 *Samples were sent for my consideration; all opinions are my own. Links are for convenience purposes only, I am not being paid for this post.

 This is a preview of the new collection called Paper Runway, which is a collaborative effort by 3- count 'em, three!) indie companies: Darling Girl Cosmetics, Chinovi Cosmetics, and Glamour Doll Eyes.
This is ONLY the Darling Girl portion but I have plenty of swatchy goodness for you so scroll down!

 Everything was swatched with my fingers over Darling Girl's fabulous Glitter Glue:
Excuse the typo, ughhh :(
 Along with the Paper Runway collection, I would like to note that I was a jerk and also swatched two colors which do not belong in the collection; one (Wiggle) was a GWP which means it's probably not available anymore. The other is a permanent semi-new shade called Gilt Trip, but I highly recommend picking it up as well! ;)
First let me talk about my favorite shade of the collection, City Chic; this color is amazing! I don't have official descriptions for anything yet but City Chic is a gorgeous light neutral that I think everyone and their mother needs a jar of. It's satiny and sparkly and has a pinky-tone and goldy-glow and ugh, it's just perfect. I'm in love!♥

This shot shows the peachy-pink glow in Fashion Disaster, the yellow shade in the middle. It's not your typical yellow!

The blushes were also swatched over glitter glue which shows the slight blue sheen in Kandy Kouture but isn't the best for It Girl, as you can see, since it's a completely matte blush. Frock Star (the name just KILLS me! Probably the cutest eyeshadow name ever!) is also totally matte but looks okay over glitter glue in a pinch. When I used Frock Star in a look, I put it over a white base and it performed beautifully.

Slightly blurry pic shows the glow in Fashion Disaster, and sparkles in Mod Me Up and Model Walk!

Gilt Trip is not part of the collection but it is gorgeous! The site calls it a "Bright slightly peachy gold." It has an almost metallic shiny finish, I love it.

Pic with flash. I haven't mentioned Make It Work yet but it is the perfect aqua satin; I used it in a look recently with Frock Star and City Chic.

Here are the two blushes applied lightly to my arm and blended out- It Girl on the left, Kandy Kouture on the right; It Girl is totally matte, and Kandy Kouture has a little bit of a sheen but no sparkles or glitter or anything.

All in all, another lovely collection from Susan! Paper Runway is set to be released on June 28th so save yer pennies, people!  I'm looking forward to seeing what Chinovi and Glamour Doll Eyes bring to it! :)
Thanks for reading!♥

 *Samples were sent for my consideration; all opinions are my own. Links are for convenience purposes only, I am not being paid for this post.


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