Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review and swatches: Belleme 'Get Your Crayon' lipsticks

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I'm finally bringing you this post showcasing one of my latest loves: the Get Your Crayon collection of lip crayons from Belleme Cosmetics!
Back in July, Abbamart.com was having a lip product sale so my sweet sister ordered these for me since I desperately wanted to try them. I've been using them a bit and I'm pretty impressed; keep reading for all the details!
From bottom: 01 Love Fiction, 02 Red Velvet, 03 Orange Stiletto
 As you can tell from the above photo these have already been used several times. :3 The packaging is like a chubby pencil with a twist-up bottom. The caps stay on very tightly; I carried Red Velvet in my purse all day and was paranoid about the cap coming off, but it stayed on no problem.
Swatches from left: 01 Love Fiction, 02 Red Velvet, 03 Orange Stiletto
 Lip swatches!
(All of these were done on bare lips without using a brush or lipliner to show how the product applies straight from the packaging.)
 Love Fiction
Love Fiction is sort of a bright coraly-pink color that reminds me of fruit punch, and smells like it too! This one is my least favorite in terms of formula, not that there's anything wrong with it, I was just expecting a more lipstick-like product; it reminds me of a Revlon Lip Butter actually, so if you like Lip Butters or similar products then you will probably like this. The coverage is a bit more sheer than a full-coverage lipstick, but can be built up. It's much glossier than the other two so you definitely want to make sure to apply it over dry lips, as in don't use balm or anything on your lips first, or else the color won't cover properly. With a bit of layering I got the full coverage you see in the photo.

 Red Velvet
This one is my favorite! The color is a gorgeous bright cherry red, perfect for upcoming holiday times ;) I didn't expect to love this one most since I own plenty of red lip products, but what sets this apart is the formula; it glides on perfectly silky smooth, like butter, and the coverage is rich and fully-opaque. It has a satin finish but can be blotted a bit to mattify. It also leaves a light pinkish-red stain that isn't hard to remove when you want to. I wore this to a get-together with friends; I put it on around 2pm by applying a heavy layer, blotting, and then adding another light layer on top. It wore well all day with only one touch-up in the evening, and still looked decent when I took it off around 1am. That's almost 12 hours, through eating and drinking, with only one touch-up. The corners of my lips were the first part to fade over time since I was eating and drinking a lot, but I actually kind of liked how it looked softer that way. Anyway, with the added bonus of a yummy cherry scent, this pencil is a definite winner!

 Orange Stiletto
 I love this one too, probably my second favorite after Red Velvet. The color is an awesome bright orange, leaning red but definitely still orange. It actually looks like a true orange, which in my experience is hard to find in lip products. It smells like cherry which I love, and the coverage is very opaque. This is the most matte formula out of the bunch, with just enough of a satin shine to keep it from looking dry and chalky. This one can be a wee bit patchy and can emphasize dry spots on your lips, so you will want to prep your lips prior to wearing this but avoid too much moisturizing or else the color won't cover properly. Overall I think this is a great lippie to have in your collection; if you're looking for a true orange with a good formula then definitely give this a try.

 So there you go!
I hope you find this helpful! I definitely recommend all 3 pencils, but especially Red Velvet and Orange Stiletto. I didn't use any lipliner in these swatch photos but I do recommend using one for Red Velvet since it's such a dramatic color. I like NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Hot Red. :)

Source: abbamart.com
 Starting today, Abbamart will donate $2 to the Susan G. Komen foundation for every Get Your Crayon sold in the month of October! What are you waiting for? ;)

Source: abbamart.com
One more thing: a fourth color has just been added to the Get Your Crayon line as part of the new Fall Collection. I'll be reviewing this color soon so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!♥

*Links are affiliate links. All products purchased by me; all opinions are my own, I am not being paid for this post.
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  1. These look amazing, Emily! And Korean makeup names always make me giggle :) Do you find they have a scent/taste at all?

    1. Thanks! Hehe me too.. I keep thinking of G-Dragon whenever I think of these, lol. They do have a light scent like cherry but it fades right after application. I didn't detect any taste. I'm picky about lip product scents/tastes but I'm very pleased with these :)

  2. O my Goodness. they are super cheap!!! And really gorgeous colors. I specially love the red velvet on your lip

  3. Wow that Love Fiction looks amazing on you Emily! I just ordered that after falling in love with Bad Girl - have you tried that color yet? Really loving the formula of Belleme products.

    1. Yes I just got Bad Girl! I'm going to do a post on it soon. Me too, everything I've tried is pretty much awesome :)


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