Friday, May 17, 2013

Some BFTE Gel Liner and Eyeshadow swatches

My friend Uncut Color on Facebook just posted that she got a BFTE Cosmetics order today and loved the colors and would be posting swatches soon; this reminded me that I have some unposted swatches too, so I decided to post them. :)

Gel liners, $8.99 from BFTE: Peacock, Venomous, Marcasite.
With flash: Peacock, Venomous, Marcasite.
Direct sunlight.
 I've wanted to try these liners for a long time, so since BFTE was having a 15% off promotion for April, I decided it was the perfect time to get a few. The colors are gorgeous; Peacock is a shimmering teal, such a gorgeous color. Venomous is a completely matte purple with no sparkle or shimmer. Marcasite is a metallic charcoal gray with silver shimmer. Can't wait to use these!

I also got the COTW Deal, the full sized Color of the Week and 3 sample jars of my choice for $6. A great deal :)
Funky Fruit (COTW), Appletini, Riveted, Big Island.
With flash: Funky Fruit, Appletini, Riveted, Big Island.

Direct sunlight.
These were swatched with brushes since there were only 4 colors this time. Funky Fruit is a fruity pink color, like the inside of a watermelon, with pinkish sparkles. Appletini is a pale satin-finish green color; I may actually like it better than Mint but I have yet to compare them together. Riveted is a medium blue, slightly subdued, but looks to me like it has a very slight copperish sheen to it; you can almost see it in the middle of the swatch. Big Island is a very sparkly golden bronze color.

As always, I like everything! BFTE never disappoints♥

 *All products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I really really love peacock. It's a stunning liner even on it's own. Funky Fruit looks awesome. Got to add this to my "want" list.
    Great job Emily!!!


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