Monday, January 7, 2013

BFTE Christmas haul w/ swatches

Hey everyone :) I have some more BFTE Cosmetics swatches from a Christmas haul my sister bought for us! We got the Color of the Week deal, plus some full-size jars which were prizes my sisters had earned from posting pictures and winning the 365 contest. Some of these were colors we already had but needed more of, and some are ones we hadn't seen before. (By the way, the bright pink on the left is a blush, not an eyeshadow, and not part of this haul.)
Check it out:
Since I had many new colors to swatch and no clean makeup brushes, I tapped a bit into the dents in this mixing tray from the art store and used my fingers to swatch. This is Autumn, one of BFTE's unblended pigments; it's so beautiful! A more metallic, smooth, non-glittery gold you won't find. I love it.
 Swatched dry on bare, lotioned skin:
With flash: Lavish, Soleil, Isis, Autumn, Blue Bird, Spice, Green Apple, Spiced Gumdrop, Stonewashed, Forget Them Not, Rachel.
No flash, daylight.
No flash..
No flash; look at the blue sparkles in Spiced Gumdrop!!
And lastly, look at the pink sheen in Forget Them Not!! Reminds me of Fyrinnae's Crimson Ghost; the more you blend it out, the more the pink sheen glows. Loooove it!
Another smashing haul! I'll be putting these pics on my Facebook page so check there for individual color descriptions of you'd like. :)

Oh and in case you're interested, the blush is Cherry Bomb from Darling Girl Cosmetics; it's one of my alllll time favorite blushes and it's absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend it and all of Susan's other blushes. ;)

Thanks for reading!

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