Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Swatches: A few BFTE reds and SP Asylum

I since I was comparing some red shadows the other day I decided to swatch a few of my BFTE reds against each other for comparison. You can click the pics to view larger versions!

Swatched dry on bare, lotioned skin:
From left: Isis, Ruby Slippers, Vamp, TGIF, Addicted (all BFTE). Far right is Asylum by Sugarpill.
With flash.
-Isis is one of my favorite BFTE shadows. I got a sample in my very first order long ago and have used it in many looks since. It's an amazing dark base with rusty red-to-bronze duochrome. It's super smooth and metallic and just gorgeous.
-Ruby Slippers is kind of a matte brick red base with silvery sparkles.
-Vamp, another very popular shade; similar to Isis but a bit lighter and has gold sparkles in it.
-TGIF; okay, when I saw this color online I thought it'd be similar to Addicted but it's not at all. It's much lighter and more of a dusty pink, not as red. It also has lots of greenish-gold sparkles.
-Addicted, another of my most-loved most-used shadows. The perfect bright metallic red; leans cool, almost pinkish, but definitely looks red. Whenever I need a red shadow, this is the one I reach for.
-Sugarpill's Asylum: in person there's little distinguishable difference between Asylum and BFTE's Addicted. The main difference is that Asylum has some red sparkles in it, while Addicted has none. (If you look at the bottom of the swatch, you can see the tiny glitters around the edge.) I think Asylum also has a slightly darker base than Addicted so that, coupled with the sparkles gives it slightly more dimension than Addicted. They are both gorgeous colors and as I said, look almost identical in person.
Addicted by BFTE Cosmetics on left; Asylum by Sugarpill Cosmetics on right. No flash.
With flash.
Hope you enjoyed these swatches!
Thanks for reading!

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