Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Swatches: BFTE Fall Collection

A kind friend was sweet enough to send me samples of the BFTE Fall collection which came out recently. It was limited and, as far as I know, sold out in just days. I'm so grateful to get to see these in person because they are just beautiful! Here's a few swatches for you, make sure you click to view them full-size!
(Swatched dry on bare, lotioned skin):
From left: Sycamore, Sassafras, Sweetgum, Silver Maple.

They're all named after trees which I think is lovely. All shades seem to be pretty much satin/shimmer without a lot of glittery stuff all over; Sassafras is so bright and metallic! I like each of the shades but my favorite is probably Sycamore, just because it's so pretty and I've really been digging bronzey neutrals lately. All in all, another hit from BFTE! I'm looking forward to their upcoming Halloween collection!
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  1. Oh my...the golden-greenish one looks so pretty!


    1. It is! They're all pretty, I wore Sycamore lightly on my lids yesterday and it looked so nice<3


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