Saturday, August 11, 2012

Contest Look: The Daily Glamour and BFTE

Hey there! Here's a look I did for my friend Autumn's makeup contest; it's the first birthday anniversary of her Facebook page The Daily Glamour!
Since it's a birthday themed contest, she said to do something FUN, so I thought "What's more fun and birthday-ish than a SPARKLY UNICORN?? :)
***Please click the pics to see in full color/detail!***
I drew this on paper and used Fyrinnae's Pixy Epoxie to stick it to my skin; I then drew around the edges and added the mane, tail, and horn. It has clumsy legs.. what can I say, I'm no artist, lol.
Here's the prototype which I did on my arm; notice it's pink.. I hadn't come up with my final color scheme yet. I used NYX lip pencil to trace around the edges (I think it was Dolly Pink) and BFTE's "Prissy", a baby pink color, to fill it in. The glitter is NYX Candy Glitter liner in Crystal with "Snow" patted on top. This looks better than the one on my face; it was much easier to draw on my arm.


-black liquid eyeliner
-BFTE Mix & Fix (mixing medium)
-BFTE Aphrodite and Midnight Kisses, applied wet to fill in body (Mix & Fix)
-BFTE Whisper, applied dry over entire unicorn
-NYX "Crystal" Candy Glitter Liner with "Snow" loose glitter patted on top (accents)

-Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
-Tick:Tock Cosmetics Infinity Eyeshadow Base in Milky Way (white)
BFTE Cosmetics shadows in:
-Soleil (pale yellow on lid)
-Beautiful (sheer pale yellow with pink duochrome on browbone, lid, lower lashline over PE)
-Aphrodite (lilac with pink sparkles on outer corner/crease)
-Midnight Kisses (deep blurple on outer corner)
-Whisper (sheer apricot/violet duochrome)
-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (lower lashline)
-Loreal Lineur Intense Carbon Black felt tip liquid liner pen
-NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Crystal with NYX "Snow" glitter patted on (inner corner)
-NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Crystal with NYX "Disco Ball" patted on (over black liner)
-NYX Funky Diva false lashes
 -Drugstore holographic star nail decals
-Duo lash adhesive (lashes and stars)
-Sephora white pencil (waterline)
-Cover Girl Lash Perfection mascara

-Wet n' Wild silver pencil
-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (brushed through)
-BFTE Midnight Kisses and Whisper (brushed over, dry)

I'm not wearing much face product so I had to smooth out my skin with Aperture because it was looking pretty bumpy with the sunlight I took these pics in.
I wanted to do something fun and artistic but still keep the "beauty" aspect of the makeup; if you were to take away the unicorn (and maybe the crazy lashes/stars) this look would still be pretty and wearable. Those are the kind of looks I like to do :)

I know the whole thing is over the top but I was really channeling my inner 5-year-old; this pretty much embodies me as a little girl, lol. I would have loved to have this on my face for my birthday! (Hey, it's sparkles and unicorns.. who wouldn't?) ;)
I hope you enjoy it! I hope it makes you think of birthday cake and little kids with sugar highs, and presents and rainbows and happiness :D If you have a minute, please head over to The Daily Glamour's page and check out the entries! Remember to vote for your favorite ones- you have until the end of August 13th.

Thanks for reading!

*Some or all images were lightly edited using Aperture and/or Photoshop; for details, please read the photo editing disclosure widget at the bottom of my right-side bar.


  1. That is beautiful! Good job - I like how you did the unicorn.

  2. Amazing! Seriously love your end result!


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