Thursday, June 28, 2012

EOTD: Candy Dragon

 Hey there! After a very busy but thoroughly enjoyable weekend, I'm back with a new look; it's sort of unofficially called "Candy Dragon" because of the colors, obviously, and because the shape reminds me a bit of a dragon. Or something.
My inspiration came from my model's outfit on
I loved the color combination of the pretty pastels with the indigo hair and gold accents, and you may be able to see the shape of her fin-like ears and gold wings in the shape of the eyeshadow. ;3 I used some new products, as well as some I haven't used in a while. I don't know if the colors look quite pastel but anyway..
Click the pics to view full size/color/detail:
Sorry this one is so dark but I didn't want to obliterate the detail by messing too much with the exposure etc.
This is the one I edited most heavily because the white balance was weird, but I think it's my favorite picture; it looks cool :)

-TFSI Candlelight
-Tick:Tock Cosmetics Infinity Shadow Base in Milky Way (white)
-Lime Crime Makeup D'Antoinette Fantasy Palette
-BH 120 Palette, 1st edition (pale butter yellow shade)
-CS 88 Palette (purple and pink shades)
-BFTE "Midnight Kisses" (deep blurple on outer edge)
-BFTE "Aphrodite" (sheer shimmery purple patted over purple shade)
-BFTE "Soleil" (pale metallic yellow on tearduct)
-BFTE "Autumn" (metallic gold) with BFTE Mix & Fix
-BFTE "Way Up High" and "Satin Sheets" (whites on browbone, outer edge, under tearduct)
-Lime Crime Makeup Uniliner liquid liners in Quill and Orchid-acious (black and purple)
-Sephora white pencil on waterline
-Cover Girl Lash Perfection mascara
-Ardell lashes
-Blue and purple shades from 88 palette and Midnight Kisses on brow, used with Mix & Fix
-Mehron Celebre Pro HD creme foundation and mark. Powder Buff in Nude on skin

I'm so used to taking makeup pics in daylight now but last night I was struck with inspiration so I had to make do with my old system of regular lights and using flash; that's why each photo looks a bit different, because I'm constantly altering the lighting/angle etc. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this look! It was challenging to do because it's a bit out of my norm, but I think it turned out okay.

Thanks for reading!

 *Some or all images were lightly edited using Aperture and/or Photoshop; for details, please read the photo editing disclosure widget at the bottom of my right-side bar.


  1. whoaa!!! That's amazing! I wish I could do this exact eye makeup :'(

  2. Wow this is amazing!!! I love the colors and shape is perfect for the dragon inspiration, LOVE!

  3. Your looks are just amazing.
    I love how your pictures really show every detail of the colors.
    I still have trouble with that.
    Any tips ?

    Keep up your amazing work.

    1. Thank you :)

      I usually use 2 different cameras to take a variety of shots and then pick the best ones. I use the RAW format on my Canon Rebel so it's easily adjustable for things like white balance. When I can I take the pics in daylight because it gives me the clearest picture with the most realistic color. Other than that I'm always experimenting with new techniques to take better photos. I don't know if that helps you, if there's anything else you'd like to know feel free to ask! :)

  4. It took me a second to see that wing shape bc as usual, I was distracted by the gorgeous colors your picked! I love all the random places you pull inspiration from :D

    1. Hehe yeah, it's subtle but it's there ;D Thank you<33

  5. This is stunning! I love the shape you created.

  6. OMG!!! Is sa beautiful and creative

  7. Very very pretty, I love the shape! Your makeup looks are so fun and colorful <3
    -Imani Love

  8. This is really creative! Great look!


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