Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 16: NYX haul (lipliner, gloss, eyeshadow, base)

 Day 16 brings you some more concentrated swatches of my NYX haul from IMATS! I'll try to write a little about the products as well, to give you an idea of what I think of them. The majority of these are new though, so it will mostly be first impressions. Enjoy!
New lip pencils! (Except Hot Red and Fuchsia which I already owned.)
 I'll start with the lip pencils:
now that I have enough eyeshadow to make-up a small army, I've decided to start building my lip collection. I've been in love with these pencils since I tried Hot Red last year. They glide on fairly evenly, especially if you use a balm first, and there are tons of colors to choose from. They're also quite pigmented and seem to last a while on the lips. I decided I needed more, so while at IMATS I braved the crowd to grab some of the colors I've had my eye on.
In direct sun. L to R: Tangerine, Natural, Peekaboo Neutral, Nude Pink, Purple Rain, Dolly Pink, Fuchsia, Pinky, Hot Pink, Hot Red, Cabaret, Black Berry.
 *I forgot to swatch one other, a retractable pencil in shade "Citrus".  More expensive by $1, it's a twist-up pencil which Becky picked out; the color is very similar to Tangerine but a touch less pink. Out of the two pencils, I prefer Tangerine. You can see a swatch here.*
Natural light, no flash.
Natural light with flash.
Color descriptions:
-Tangerine is a light peachy color with some pearly frost. I hope it looks as pretty on my lips as it does in the swatch.
-Natural is a soft brown. Might be a good option for those who don't wear pinks or peaches, but want something neutral. I don't typically wear brown on my lips in any form, but I'm willing to give this a try. It looks a bit darker in these photos than it is in person.
-Peekaboo Neutral is a soft pinkish brown; I like this color more than Natural because it's less brown and my lips are naturally quite pink. This color also looks darker in the photo.
-Nude Pink is a very pretty neutral pink with a little peach and maybe a little brown in it. This was my favorite neutral out of the ones I got. The swatches don't do it justice, it's a little lighter/pinker in person. I think I'll wear this one a lot. :)
-Purple Rain is a vivid reddish purple. Out of all the colors, this one swatched the most patchy.
-Dolly Pink is a bright cool-toned bubblegum pink.
-Fuchsia is a bold fuchsia, a little cooler than Pinky. Love how it looks on my lips, makes an awesome statement and goes perfectly under Revlon's "Lollipop" Lip Butter<3
-Pinky is a bold pinkish red, more red than Fuchsia.
-Hot Pink is just a bright hot pink.
-Hot Red is a bright red with a bit of pink in the base. I've used this in a few of my makeup looks and I love it, it's the perfect fun red for a holiday lip.
-Cabaret is a deep red wine shade, not really purple enough to be berry I don't think. I've been wanting a deep red and I was worried this would be too brown, but when swatched it definitely looks red. It will probably look even more red on my lips. Very pretty.
-Black Berry is just a black lip liner. I've been wanting this one for a while because I sometimes want to do a black/dark lip for a look, but hate using eye liner on my lips. I can't wait to have fun pairing this with different products!
 I also picked up two Mega Shine glosses as an afterthought; I got African Queen because it's gorgeous and I've admired the color for ages on blogs and such, but it's not something I've been able to spend money on buying full-price. Since it was discounted I included it as a sort of indulgence purchase. ;) I also saw Sugar Pie at the last minute and thought it looked like a pretty natural gloss to have on hand. I already own one Mega Shine gloss (Smokey look) which I forgot to include in the pictures; I adore my Smokey Look gloss, especially the candy/cherry smell, which I know irritates some people but to me it's mouth-watering! These two shades are no exception, they both look and smell amazing.<3
Left: Sugar Pie is a warm light peachy color with subtle shimmer. Right: African Queen is a bold fuchsia with visible blue/purple shimmer/sheen.
 I wore a fuchsia top to church the other day and wanted to wear African Queen to match, so I dabbed a little on my lips over some balm and blended it out with my finger. It made a really nice sort of stained effect, so for those who are afraid of bold color, you can still wear this gloss!
Direct sunlight
Indirect sunlight
All the lip stuff together<3
Moving on to Skin Tone shadow base and Morcco single eyeshadow...
The base is very creamy so I'm not sure how it will hold up on my eyelids. You can see it's also a bit orangey toned on my fair skin. It's also a few shades darker than my skintone, but that's probably better than being too light on my eyelids. If I wanted light I'd use white. ;P
Here's Morocco swatched on different bases. L to R: Skin Tone base, Black Bean jumbo pencil, Milk jumbo pencil, Purple Velvet jumbo pencil, and an old Revlon matte navy pencil.
 I first saw this shadow on Jangsara's blog a long time ago and I fell in love with the color. I've wanted it ever since but stores don't seem to stock this shade, so I finally got it at IMATS. In person it's a little less impressive than I remember it being in the swatches I've seen, but it still has the potential to be a gorgeous shadow if I can figure out the best base to use and how best to apply it. I think out of the above swatches, I like it best over the black and blue bases. It could also go over purple very well, since the shadow has both blue and purple in it.
This was just from swatching it a few times, the shadow itself is very soft.
I hope you enjoyed these pics and that they might be helpful to someone considering which shades to buy of these products. I especially enjoy the lipliners and glosses.<3
There will be more upcoming posts in the next few days with some more makeup I've hauled recently, possibly including the NYX Candy Glitter liners since I may want to take better swatches of those. Let me know if you're particularly interested in seeing them. ;P

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  1. I love NYX! Can't wait to see you play with these goodies ;)

  2. So many pretty NYX colors! Thanks for all the swatches. African Queen is such a pretty gloss!

    1. Yes indeed :) It is a gorgeous gloss and I haven't even tried it full-strength yet!

  3. Oh wow! You really picked up a lot of the lip liners. I stayed away from the NYX booth due to the sheer massive-ness of the line so I have no idea what kind of discount they were doing, but I imagine it must have been awesome.

    1. Yes it was super busy and crazy but that was one of the booths I most wanted to visit. The lip liners were 50% off which I wasn't expecting! Needless to say, I'm quite pleased lol ;)


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