Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Urban Decay from Hautelook!

 A few weeks ago, Hautlook.com was having a sale on Urban Decay. I've never ordered from Hautelook before but I couldn't resist picking up the shadow pencil set I've been wanting for a whopping 65% off!
With shipping I only paid like $16.95 for this set, what a steal!
 Close-up shot to show the color names. I swatched them in the same order below :)
Daylight, L to R: Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin, Clash.
Delinquent is a deep purple with lighter purple glitter; the glitter isn't chunky at all which is good. This photo doesn't accurately portray the color though, it's a lot more dull here than it looks in person.
Rehab is a neutral brown with pretty shimmer, almost bronzey. Juju is a gorgeous light golden brown with light, almost coppery shimmer.
Sin is a frosty peach champagne with no shimmer. So pretty! Clash is a brightly pigmented electric blue with fine silver glitter.
Here's a flash pic; you can see the glitter in Delinquent better but it still doesn't look as pretty as it does in person.
All shades glided easily on my arm, with Clash being the easiest; it was super creamy and I barely had to try to get the swatch you see in the pics. Delinquent was probably the most difficult to apply; I swiped it several times to get the swatch you see in the pics, but even so it still applies well. The rest of the shades were about even, and like I said, all shades went on smooth and easy.
I haven't tried blending these yet but they're still on my arm so I may try playing around with them before washing them off. *Edit: I tried rubbing the swatches with my finger but they had dried completely and wouldn't budge! They also took a bit of scrubbing to get off and I still have faint stains on my arm so I would definitely suggest a primer when used on the eyes.*
The colors are all pretty, the neutrals in particular are lovely. I can't wait to use these on my eyes and especially try them in conjunction with some of my mineral shadows.

Have you tried UD Shadow Pencils? Which are your favorites?
Thanks for reading!<3


  1. I got the same thing! I can't wait untill they come in the mail. Love the colors!

  2. The colors are amazing, I want them myself;D
    love it;)

  3. This looks brilliant!! I love urban decay!! :)



  4. Love ittttttt, i buy from them the vook of shadow i think it came tomorrow!

  5. They look awesome, especially that blue! x

  6. Awesome buy! I should check out this Hautelook! All of those pencils look great! I bet they are going to make great bases!


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