Thursday, November 3, 2011

Small drugstore haul: pics, swatches, impressions

 Yesterday I went to Harmon (armed with a coupon!) and got a few things to replace old/used stuff. I'm trying some different products this time so watch out for some reviews on those! For now, check out these couple o' pics with swatches and my initial impressions :)
I've been wanting to try these Wet N' Wild Megaliners forever, since I keep seeing bloggers using them. I was looking for a replacement for my old Go-To Almay liquid liners, which I suspect are responsible for eye discomfort whenever I wear them. Strange, since Almay is supposed to be somewhat known for their sensitive-eye-safe products. These have brush tips as opposed to the felt tips I'm used to but I'm definitely going to give them a try. With my coupon discount, these babies only cost me $2.17 each!
NYX lipliner in Hot Red; I've also had my eye on this pencil for months but it just always seemed like such a splurge/luxury type item, not because it's expensive but because.. well, when in the world am I gonna wear a hot red lip pencil? lol. Regardless, a classic red lip is something I've been obsessed with for a long time but never really done myself. With coupon discount it was only $2.81, not bad at all!
This was kind of a last-minute addition to my basket, lol; I'd see these Wet N' Wild singles all the time in stores and the green one especially always caught my eye but I wasn't sure it would be worth buying. After looking at swatches online I decided I had to own this gorgeous little eyeshadow and I'm so glad I got it.
The pretty swirly pattern is a little messed up in these pics, as I'd already swatched it. ;)
Here are the swatches; click to enlarge! Top, from left: Envy over mark. eye primer and over Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. Bottom, from left: Wet N Wild Megaliners in Black(bottom) and Dark Brown(top); NYX Lip liner Pencil in 817Hot Red.

This was the only pic taken without flash

-Wet N' Wild Eyeshadow Single in Envy: This shadow is pretty much what I've been looking for, a nice medium low-shimmer green. No chunky glitter which I hate, just the perfect amount of soft shimmer. When used over the glitter glue, it becomes almost metallic. It's a great color, not too blue or yellow. I tried swatching it over different bases and green eyeliners and and they all looked fabulous. For only $1.44 with the coupon, I'm definitely picking up a few more of these singles sometime.

-Wet N' Wild Megaliner in Black and Dark Brown: I haven't used these yet besides swatching them but so far I think I'll like them. There's tons of product on the brush so I won't have to worry about getting a good line over eyeshadow. Also, they seem to dry totally matte which is something I've been looking for so I'm really excited to use these! Time will tell how they behave on my eyes and how long it takes the bottles to dry out. They're cheap enough though that I wouldn't mind replacing them a little sooner.
As you can see, the 2 colors appear almost identical but the brown is just a little softer, which is useful for me since I sometimes feel true black is a bit harsh on my light complexion. From swatching these twice, the brown seems to take longer to dry than the black but that may be because both times there was a bit more product on the brown applicator. I did notice that both colors took longer to dry than I'm used to but I doubt that will be a huge problem for me.

-NYX Lip Liner in 817Hot Red: As I mentioned above, I've always been fascinated with a bright, bold red lip but never done it on myself. (Except once for my Vampireish look last year. I don't even really own a true red lipstick.. that look was done with a sample, lol.) For some reason I tend to balk at buying lip products; I guess it seems like a lot to pay for one color that I may never use. Too risky. That being said, I would absolutely love to get into lipcolor and while hot red isn't an ideal place so start, I had to have it anyway. I really wanted a lip pencil because my lips are pigmented but the pigmentation is a bit uneven. I need something to even them out and fill them in so I can get a really true color and the lipstick doesn't wear off all patchy and weird. Anyway, I got this NYX pencil because it was pretty much the boldest red I could find in the drugstore that didn't cost more than I was prepared to shell out.
It seems to be a nice consistency, not too dry or too creamy. It goes on fairly smoothly and delivers good color payoff, which I'm happy to report. If this thing had been a dud I probably would have cried, lol. Things I'm not crazy about are: first that these pencils don't have any seal on them so people tend to uncap them in the store and draw with them, however I didn't have any problem finding one with a pristine tip. The other thing I was slightly disappointed about was when I swatched the pencil I noticed it does have a very cool tint and an almost hot pink undertone if swatched sheerly. I'm a little concerned that my already pink lips will turn the color even pinker, but not TOO worried since the color is very buildable and pretty opaque; I think the shade can be evened out if worn with a warmer lipcolor on top or what-have-you.

All in all I'm very pleased with my purchases so far! I also got a new mascara, Cover Girl Lash Perfection. I researched top mascaras on makeupalley and this one got surprisingly stellar reviews so I thought I'd give it a whirl. With coupon it only cost me $4.20, which is excellent for a mascara! I'll post a review after I use it a bit. :)

I guess that's all for this post so thanks for reading! If any of you have tried any of these products, please let me know what you thought of them in a comment! Also, if anyone has any recommendations for good drugstore lipliners/lipsticks, PLEASE tell me! I'm thinking of trying some of the Maybelline Color Sensational or Revlon Matte/Color Burst. Any suggestions? :3


  1. I purchased the brown liquid one and it does look very black to me. I haven't purchased any single wet n wild colors yet though because I have a lot of their palettes. :)

  2. good review! i love the liners...guess whos going to the drugstore next week :)


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