Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wet&Wild "I'm Ba-roque" Pics and Swatches

The packaging is ADORABLE! The little designs on the lid are whimsical and remind me of Snow White for some reason. There's a sticker on the side so you know you're getting a sealed product. The case doesn't feel flimsy and the closure has some kind of mechanism which makes it snap shut, (magnets? springs?), so you know it's closed to preserve the product. Also, I love that there's no little plastic clasp closure to worry about breaking or snapping off.
(All pics not otherwise noted were taken in natural daylight. Click to enlarge!)
(Swatched with my fingers on bare skin, prepped with a little Pond's cream.)
Direct sunlight
Electric room lights
I got this little darling at Harmon for $4.49, but I had a $5 off coupon so technically I got it for free! They had an adorable little display near the front of the store with all the colors stocked, only one empty space. I chose this palette because it seems to be popular on beauty blogs so I was worried it might sell out first.
The name is "I'm Ba-roque" and it has 2 eyeshadows and 2 lipglosses, all shimmery. The green is a dark-based green with lighter teal shimmers in it, very pretty. The other shadow is a light peachy-brown shade. Both glosses are heavy with gold shimmer; one is a peachy pink shade, the other is a bright cool red with a little bit of a pink tone.
I really like it and I'd love to get all the colors, especially the purple/green and blue/pink shadow combos. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Anyone else tried these yet? What do you think? :)


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