Thursday, October 7, 2010

More BFTE!

Yay, my second order from bftecosmetics has arrived! It took a little longer this time because they were having computer/shipping issues. I emailed Crystal and she was super prompt in replying and shipped my order out right away! :D She also sent me 2 sample baggies this time, (awesome!) Spring Fever and Elegant.

I got sample jars of Light Beige foundation, Cornflower, and Suede. I got full sizes of Addicted and Casablanca Nights, which was the COTW at the time. (Every Monday morning, BFTE customers get to vote on a Color of the Week; when a shade is chosen, they offer the full-size jar for sample price. So you get a $6.50 value for only $2.00, ALL WEEK!)

Left to Right: Light Beige, Suede, Cornflower, Elegant, Spring Fever, Addicted, Casablanca Nights.

Another view- you can see the colors well here :)

Top to Bottom: Casablanca Nights and Addicted
Spring Fever and Elegant

Cornflower and Suede

Color descriptions and initial impressions:

-Casablanca Nights looks deep blue in the jar. When applied it looks matte black with bright blue sparkles. It was a bit sheer swatched on my arm, so if you want it very dark use a dark base. I think this color would look AMAZING wet!

-Addicted was just added back to the store right before I made this order, so happily I finally got to get it! (I didn't mean to buy a full-size of this, it's kind of a complicated story lol...) It's bright red with a very slight rusty-pink iridescence to it, almost metallic but definitely not as much as Isis. This is a much brighter and truer red than Isis. It's very smooth and pigmented, I like it a lot. I've been waiting for this so I can do some red looks. :D

-Spring Fever is probably the dark horse of this group; I never would've bought this shade on my own, but I'm so glad I was introduced to it! It is the prettiest light mauve pink with a gold iridescence and it's absolutely stunning! Very smooth and pigmented, went on like silk. Shimmery yet subtle, I cannot wait to use this and I will definitely be getting a bigger size in my next order. Thank you Crystal!!

-Elegant is a light turquoise, much more green than blue, almost minty. It is not very pigmented because it's mostly glitter. It was really messy to get out of the baggy and to swatch. I probably won't use this much, but it is quite pretty and gets lots of shine. If you like glittery stuff then you'd like Elegant.

-Cornflower is a light, bright blue, pretty medium as far as blues go; not too purple and not too green. It's a matter pearly shimmer, very fine and slightly iridescent; very pigmented also, went on like silk. I was surprised at how bright it actually was. I really like it, it's a very pretty blue.

-Suede seems to be very popular amongst BFTE's customers, so I decided I had to try it myself. I can see why everyone loves it! It's the perfect silvery taupe, shimmery but not glittery at all. Very pigmented and silky, it's sooo pretty. I needed a shade like this for everyday use when I just want a bit of shimmer on my lids. I can picture using this for any kind of look, from casual to formal. LOVE!

-Light Beige seems maybe too dark for my face, but I'm still going to try it and see. I love all the colors, but I'd have to say Spring Fever, Cornflower, and Suede are the most impressive to me, and Addicted is just awesome. I can tell I'm going to have fun with these... ;)

By the way...

This time I swatched over Pond's Dry Skin Cream. It's been sitting in my cabinet because I hated it and couldn't find a use for it; it's thick and my skin just isn't that dry, but the worst part is the horrid perfumey smell. (I'm sensitive to strong fragrances and this is like baby powder on steroids or something. Smells like old lady! yuck) I decided to spread some on my arm before swatching as a base, since what I used last time didn't work so well. Then I just used my fingers to swatch the pigment on my arm. I think it worked well and I'll probably be using this method from now on. :)

Thanks for reading! Here's a few "finger swatches" for ya, click to make em bigger! ;)


  1. Spring Fever and Addicted are so awesome, they look beautiful!

  2. They're very impressive. I was most surprised by Spring Fever, it's suuuuch a gorgeous pink. I'm in love x3

  3. I totally agree! Spring Fever is to die for!

  4. totally gorgeous colours, I really like the minty green shade! Oh and I couldnt agree more about the Ponds cream - reminds me of my granny and I just dont understand why so many people swear by it :)

  5. I have to order more soon :D These colors look great too!

  6. GORGEOUS, the red is amazing <3

    xoxo Christine


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