Darling Girl Cosmetics "Darling Girls"!

**Note: As of January 1, 2015 I am no longer a Darling Girl promoter; please see my DISCLOSURES and FAQs page.**

q. What is a Darling Girl?
a. Darling Girls (previously called Glamour Girls) are bloggers/beauty enthusiasts who applied and were chosen by Susan, the owner of Darling Girl Cosmetics, for the purpose of using the products and posting about it.
q. What do you have to do?
a. Post on our blog or make a video several times a month about Darling Girl; we do looks, tutorials, reviews, and product swatches!
q. Do you get free makeup?
a. Nope, we get a 20% discount in the Darling Girl shop.
q. Do you get paid?
a. No, we do not.
q. So why do you do it?
a. Because we love Darling Girl Cosmetics and we want you to love them too!

Darling Girl POTW (Pick of the Week):
Every few months, each Darling Girl gets a chance to choose a DGC product to spotlight; we do a look using the product, and then that product is put on sale for 20% off all week! Pretty fun, right? :)
Here's an example of my past POTW:


My fellow Darling Girls:

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Bonnie Lass Beauty

Scarabs Creation

The Beauty Spot

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